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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Odor of Defeat

With the submission of the Iraq Study Group Report by Co-Chairmen James Baker and Lee Hamilton, I see us turning around on the stairway against this struggle to beat Islamofascism and intentionally plunging head first to the concrete floor waiting below. When you are advocating departure from a still unsecure Iraq and ambivalent, Kofi-esque "talk" with our sworn enemies, Iran and Syria, you are essentially throwing in the towel, folks. It seems that in every direction I turn and look, our ability to continue to fight is about to be abandoned.

Bush is making both conciliatory statements and moves to the incoming pervasive liberal mentality. Mel Martinez is the pick for the new Head of the RNC, a man who publically endorses a blanket amnesty for illegal aliens (my predicted path of the next major terrorism hit or hits against our nation). Rumsfeld has thrown up his hands and quit. John Bolton has done the same, and in the process rejected numerous requests for him to take another "significant" position of influence. The Senate has reinstated shamed and demoted Trent Lott as the new Senate Minority Leader.

Dick Morris is predicting that Obama and the Hildebeast will pair off for the Presidential run in '08 and suck millions of the apathetic, historically non-voting and ignorant public into the voting booths, assuring them of a hands down landslide.

Many supposedly "staunch Conservatives" stayed home from the recent mid-term election. I am astonished at the number of Republicans, just in my area, who decided to "teach ourselves a lesson" by skipping their right to participate in the process. Indeed, many bloggers for whom I hold the highest respect, are threatening to leave the party.

Let me tell you, people, the Dem's didn't win this election... we caved in to the Left Stream Media message and we threw the damn thing! Instead of holding the feet of our elected representatives to the fire and screaming from the highest rooftops that "WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THOSE ELECTED ON SWORN CONSERVATIVE VALUES TO IGNORE THEIR PROMISES AND COMMITMENTS", we chose to endorse, directly or passively, those who have openly acted, through word and deed, to punish, criticize and belittle any and all efforts to effectively defend the principles and values upon which this nation has been established for over 200 years.

Even the Arabs, both on the supposedly friendly side as well as the decidedly enemy side, are declaring a victory for terrorism and a sure defeat in Iraq, the center stage of the WOT theatre right now. And a defeat in the most important, strategic battle in the Middle East right now will evolve into more 'whipped puppy' behavior in all the ancillary extensions, and an eventual complete establishment of the desired worldwide Caliphate. A defeat in Iraq will surely be used in the future to preclude any other "acts of unfair aggression" (to be read "pre-emptive") by our forces.

Are we completely bereft of any concern for the future of this nation and our children?

Have we finally arrived at a point where the largest consideration is how we can be sure not to upset anyone in the opposition with reality and historical lesson?

Has anybody, anybody at all, considered the "feeling" of desparation and horror that we would live with until the day of our respective deaths after a nuclear holocaust or germ warfare attack(s) is successfully deployed against this nation? The blackness of death would seem a kindness following such a very real catastrophy.

Is everyone now content to live the "all about me" lifestyle until such time as the situation becomes irreversible and un-salvageable?

Where the hell are the people who said they would firmly fight this?

Shall we allow the sacrifices and deaths of our Forefathers and warriors to be ultimately for absolutely nothing?

Are we really going to be proven to be Bin Laden's Paper Tiger?

It sure looks and sounds to me like the answer to all those questions is an unsettling, cursed, unbelievable mouse-like "Yes". I am so completely ashamed of all these withering cowards. And I vow to fight each of you sniveling parasites people in the opposition, until I have no remaining movement or breath. When I state that this America is my proud and beloved home to defend without waver, I for one at least, mean what I say. Damn each and every one of you who used it as only a once fashionable phrase!

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