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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Under Pressure

Deer season has taken me away and I apologize. It is an annual sickness for me that is only ended early by good luck. My luck was not there this year. I stubbornly passed up multiple females in waiting for the horned buck, right up until the last week. Then I only heard deer pass under me in the pre-dawn darkness and once heard them leave as I climbed down from my stand after sundown. It is rare I go "deerless", but it is the risk if you adhere to your goals and this is where I am for this year. So be it. I accept that, and with no regrets.

At this point, just about everyone is whining at me... My wife, my friends, my business customers and even my good friend Stouty! They all seem to get into the noisiest crescendo during the last week (I don't know if that is planned, or just happenstance). But to fold under the complaints seems foolish after being so patient for so long.

HA! HA! So I DIDN'T!!!

I had an absolute BLAST! I saw some great occurrences in nature, witnessed the daily pace of life in the woods and how divorced it is from the reality we all face and accept daily in the "other" part of the world. The woods are the same every day like that, no matter how caught up we get in all the "important" things that we concern ourselves with.

I am just about done with Part 2 of my hunting tale, but I will try to polish it a bit more before posting it. I took a few photos yesterday to try to add a bit of visual assist to it. I have a few (yeah! ...a "few"!!) responsibilities I have been assigned by the good incredible wife of the house for my Sunday. But I will try to return to the normal world and make amends with those of you who have not disowned me and deleted my blog from your rosters.

Thank you for understanding, if you do. If you don't... HA! HA! I'll do it again next year anyway.

One other thing... I spent the first two hours of my final all day tree stand sit yesterday doing something very fulfilling. I had a lengthy talk with my Lord. I spent all the time I needed going down the list of my family, my friends and the wonderful people I have met here blogging. And I said prayers for each of you... every last one. I asked for nothing except the improving health of my mother and my friend Laura. I mainly said "Thanks". I am so grateful for the richness God has bestowed upon me. Some of you may not appreciate this (like perhaps my newest blog friend) or believe in the significance. If that is the case, I hope those of you can at least accept the intention then. It was meant only nicely, not to offend.

Just think, you won't have to endure such a long period of near sustained silence like this again until next October! Ummm.... did I mention I go extreme back country snowmobiling in the mountains in winter? (It's almost always on weekends only, though!)

God bless you all, whether you believe or not. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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