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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another Room Full of Sheep

My heart is heavy yet again for people I don't even personally know. My mind cannot stray far from trying to grasp the pain and bewilderment of the loved ones left behind after their precious children's lives have been instantly snuffed out at the hands of another of society's deranged. There are no words to portray or do justice to the blackness these families must feel.

In reading the online article published in 'This Is London' I noticed that it was written as a thousand articles before it were written. It had the same old ingredients and a pieced together chronology of events as best as those viewing the aftermath could assemble.

There was a madman who was a coward and preyed upon the most innocent and naive. There were some adults, in this case teachers, who were entrusted to guarantee some kind of pipe dream security for those children. There was the police force who, charged with the duty of protection, once again simply could not get there in time. Despite their bravery, best intentions and utter commitment to the responsibility of salvaging such a nightmare, the police are not clairvoyant and they never will be. That is exactly what it would take for them to be able to discharge their responsibilities each and every time and never have victims. Surely, the repetition of disasters like this one must take a very high toll amongst our honorable police officers. It is their very real nightmare, too.

Until such time as we as a society honestly recognize the need to empower trained citizens with concealed firearms to protect the otherwise unprotected, we are doomed to live this misery again and again. More armed citizenry would NOT constitute any kind of guarantee or failsafe against predatorial lunatics like Charles Carl Roberts. There is no such thing as any guarantee in life or against the potential loss thereof. But it would give common, decent people a chance to act and possibly detour.

The more armed citizens become routine, the more pause for thought perhaps on the part of the would be assassin. This is because if there is any one thing that more often than not gets through to the twisted criminal mind, it is the very consideration that they might be overcome in the ensuing conflict that they choose to start. It is a common thread with these maniacs ...their own well being. They exhibit this trait all the time when you look at who they most often choose to accost. It is the meek, the unwitting and the defenseless. They are ruthless, murderous dastards.

God bless the bereaved families and loved ones, the little girls souls who never got their fair chance at life and the duty sworn officers who dedicate themselves to trying to stop these deplorable acts.


Read these comments from informed readers in this post over at the War on Guns!


Congratulations to Republican Rep. Frank Lasee of Wisconsin for firmly pushing the "Wake Up and Pay Attention" Button!

"Israel and Thailand have well-trained teachers carrying weapons and keeping their children safe from harm. It can work in Wisconsin."

In Thailand, where officials have been waging a bloody fight with Muslim separatists for the last two years, some teachers carry weapons for self defense as they are viewed as part of the government. In Israel, teachers are not allowed to carry weapons in the school, but security guards at the entrances are armed.

But of course we have the usual horrified, liberal PC response:

The director of school safety for Milwaukee Public Schools, Pete Pochowski, opposed the idea.

"Statistically, the safest place for a child to be is in school," Pochowski said. "We have problems in our schools, but not to the point where we need to arm our teachers and principals."

Hell no, Pochowski! ...We're burying dead school children, executed in our public schools, but "we're not to [that] point" yet, right?

Our children are around trained, armed personnel every single day. We all are. They are called...

'POLICE', you insufferable idiot!

The news flash for Mr. Pochowski and his obstructive band of head-in-the-sand dweebs is that you don't have to be a policeman to get training and the police aren't there when we need them to be!


An astounding assembly of history of the Amish is worth every second of your time here. Yet another example of Benning's amazing mind and concerned efforts! Sit down and READ IT!

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