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Monday, September 25, 2006

Please VIEW
This Man's Fine Blog!

I found The Lords of Kobol (now linked) quite by accident as I was tracing back some of the sites that have linked to me. I have no stake in this recommendation nor does the owner know me or is he even aware of my attempted readership encouragement here. But this is simply one of the finest, heavily militarily slanted efforts to cover Islamic radical outrages and fallen, otherwise virtually unknown soldiers that are fighting to save our butts that I have ever seen. This man obviously has a true blue American heart and reverence for our soldiers' devotion that is substantially unrivaled.

I must think, since there are astonishingly almost no comments from readers, that his fine efforts are merely, as yet, undiscovered. It certainly would not be his lack of consistency, sheer effort and posting of stories/videos that are pertinent and relevant. Look through his archives... His posts are hard hitting and to the point. It will only take a simple click and a few seconds for you to get there, but I will bet you will spend a lot longer reading and viewing his work. It is a MUST SEE.

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