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Monday, September 25, 2006

Texas Roadhouse Restaurants

Here's an outstanding example of the prevalent "all about me" mentality, born of the Left, and now permeating our society. How about we do this backwards?

First, a letter that I will repost below, sourced from a comment at Always On Watch by Anti-Jihadist who has the Pedestrian Infidel weblog:

The following letter was sent by a Sully District officer to the Chantilly Texas Roadhouse Restaurant through the contact page on the restaurant's web site:

"It has come to my attention that I owe your establishment an apology. I am an officer with Fairfax County. Earlier this year, I had the unfortunate experience of listening as two of my co-workers died of gunshot wounds near your restaurant. The ensuing investigation, regrettably, blocked (from your account) thousands of dollars worth of hungry citizens from eating that night. I compounded this problem by participating in a funeral procession, not once but TWICE, for my co-workers and again blocked thousands of dollars worth of business from you. I humbly apologize for such egregious actions on my part and will endeavor to, in the future and to what extent I can, not allow petty police actions from interrupting your business. I have asked all my co-workers to heed this and next time pick a more commercially advantageous spot to be ambushed and killed. If anything, I have requested that they all die at once, such that multiple funeral processions will not be necessary. In an effort to make sure that I am effective in my efforts, I have barred myself, and all those I can influence from entering or even parking in your establishment. This way I can be sure that my presence will not have the same selfish and undesired affect. If there is anything else that I can do to make sure your establishment has a banner year, please feel free to contact me. I will forward this message to all concerned parties."

It was signed, Barbara "Sully'd reputation" Mikkelson.

TR restaurant local Manager Eric Rainwater had sent a letter requesting $9000 compensation for lost business revenues caused by the disruption created to customers by the investigation and subsequent double funeral processions for the slain officers!!! Please read the well written post at Always On Watch that gives the details of the tragic murders of Detective Vicki Armel and Police Officer Michael Garbino at the Sully District Police Station in Chantilly, Virginia back in May of this year. It also describes in detail the letter sent to the Sully District Police Department by the TR restaurant manager.

There is more to be found here at which verifies the details of the story. This article also includes the Chantilly PD's Captain Susan Culin's letter to TRR pertaining to local restaurant Manager Eric Rainwater's complaint to the Chantilly Police Department. Incredibly, it still took over two months for TRR's corporate spokesman, Travis Doster, to respond to Capt. Sully's letter!

Capt. Culin's attempts to bring the matter of Rainwater's mid-June 2006 letter to the attention of the restaurant chain's management were pushed aside for three weeks, and it was a couple of months before things were resolved — because, according to Texas Roadhouse's corporate spokesman Travis Doster, "we're a very decentralized company" and there was "miscommunication" between the main office and the restaurant's Virginia operation. Whereas a swift "We're sorry — the manager of our Chantilly restaurant shouldn't have sent you such a letter — what can we do to make this right?" would likely have worked wonders in terms of undoing the damage, instead the Captain was given the runaround and her calls weren't returned.

I posted my view of the CEO of Texas Roadhouse Restaurant chain's handling of his manager's action in the comments section:

The restaurant manager should have been fired instantly. Any self respecting CEO would risk the lawsuit, given the circumstances, if in fact that had any bearing on his actual decision (which I strongly doubt). Consequently, since the "reprimand" was a CEO decision, the Texas Roadhouse CHAIN has earned a boycott.

And the secondary concern for their employees who might suffer because of said boycott? If they had any self respect and decency, they would have hit the door upon learning of their manager's action. I know were I the management of a competing restaurant, I would be pleased to hire a former T.R.R. employee who left for such a reason.

I will never set foot in a Texas Roadhouse Restaurant again without some further, candid public apology from the CEO and a firing of the local manager, Eric Rainwater, at the Chantilly TRR. If you'd like to add your thoughts on this to Texas Roadhouse Restaurant, here is the website and contact info. for the local Chantilly, Virginia TRR.

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