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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Goodbye to You (Tube)...

My e-mail this morning to You-Tube explaining why I just cancelled my account:

I no longer wish to have anything to do with your service due to the fact that you have elected to censor conservative compositions and user accounts. This is blatant, pure abuse of the 1st Amendment and I will not tolerate or in any way support it. I will immediately join, support and endorse VidiLife, who unlike yourselves, is not choosing to use their commercial service to promote a self serving liberal political agenda. I wish you the business failure you have earned.

I was MUCH more polite about my cancellation than Ms. Underestimated (and I seriously question whether they deserved my good manners!). She has used some pretty "colorful" language to register her disapproval with their Lefty political motives and I really have no problem with her style. I believe it also comes under the category of FREE SPEECH, too! By cracky, that lady's heart and mind are in the "RIGHT" place!

So, does You-Tube's policy of banning anything they disagree with politically sit well with you?


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