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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thank God for John Kerry!

Can you even imagine how lucky we are to have this idiot in the public forum? Just when the NYT, the Left Stream Media and the rest of the Demo-Rats are reaching their peak frenzy to buffalo the voting public, good ole' J. F'ing K. promptly, voluntarily and gratuitously smears our entire military! And then, to frost our pre-election gift cake, he staunchly refuses to apologize and instead makes that patented Kerry attempt to spin the noxious outrage into the President's lap.

I don't really have to link to any of his garbage mouth comments, do I? I have been in the woods hunting fervently for over a month and even I have heard them! My function here is only to render my humble opinion, as I have said before ...not be a parrot.

In these ultra dangerous times for our civilization's survival, we cannot afford two years of Liberal control in Congress. John Kerry's colossal gaff is a divine delivery from above to ram home that message to those who could not figure this out on their own. Kneel, say your prayers of gratitude and rejoice. To believe what the LSM wants you to believe is to be fooled. Go to your voting booth next Tuesday and illustrate with your power of choosing that you are not oblivious to that "man behind the curtain".


Damn! I was in hopes he would stubbornly continue to refuse to apologize! However, his half-hearted effort to throw his vehicle in reverse was late, weak and he just couldn't resist his face saving effort to stir in another attack on Mr. Bush in the process. Do you think the phone lines are melted between his office and Chuck Schumer's?

I am positive his cellophane platitudes will thoroughly pacify any ruffled troops' feathers, aren't you?


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