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Friday, November 10, 2006

To The Veterans and Enlisted...

This is one patriot who never strays from the realization that the only reason there was a yesterday, there is a today and a presumed, hopeful tomorrow in America is YOU!

While I know that you must be disheartened that the people here (that you lay your lives on the line for every second in combat) have chosen the party of idiots and dreamers to run Congress, I also know that it will not affect one degree of your fortitude and commitment to defend even those who have let you down. Despite the daily attacks, directly and through non-support by the Left Stream Media and the liberal whiners, you only see the job you face and the duty to be performed.

My reverence and respect for your sense of dedication parallels nothing. While the cowards in the opposition, who were immediately and resoundingly endorsed by the very bloodthirsty killers who wish to annihilate us all, will blindly move backwards with their "civilized" touchy, feel-good antics, you will square off against the reality they are selectively blind to and kill those enemies before you.

There are no words which can adequately, properly and justly say an appropriate thank you. If my sense of gratitude could be considered even half as large as your sacrifices, it would still remain forever lacking. I am ashamed and mortified by the citizens of our country who voted (or didn't vote at all, which is the equivalent) for the sheep, yet frivolously indulge in rich helpings of the privilege, choice, liberty and freedom which you so selflessly have provided and continue to protect.

My words sound hollow but mean to attempt to convey to you the place of HIGHEST HONOR that I will forever hold in my mind and heart for you, one and all.

May God richly bless you and your loving families,

every... last... one!

***I encourage you to view Angel's Veteran's Day post found here at Woman Honor Thyself.


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