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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dead Man Walking...

The recent assassination of Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel on November 24th completed yet another step forward in the Iranian and Syrian backed effort to have Hezbollah thugs become the next 'government' officially in charge of Lebanon.

I predicted this would happen as the direct result of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's cave-in to the pacifying leanings of George Double Use as communicated through Condi Rice, arm in arm with Kofi, last August...

"They have elevated a bloodthirsty terrorist gang to the same status as a nation through recognition and appeasement via the amoebas in the UN. Premature, but it will prove true when Nasrallah becomes the next President of Lebanon. "

Today marked the third consecutive day of Hezbollah backed protest 'encouraging' the Prime Minister Fuad Siniora to step down. In Lebanon, this is the "nice way" of an in-the-way leader being extracted from power where speakers today...

...vowed to continue their street protests and campaign to remove Saniora from power.

"We will not leave until the government is changed," former interior minister Suleiman Franjieh, a staunch ally of Syria, told the crowd.

Siniora's public refusal to step down today will surely put in motion the next phase of the operation. He glossed over the 30% of the population in Beirut who have been stirred to rise up against him, but it won't change what is to come. He will either be violently overthrown by the enraged Shite crowds or perhaps the more direct approach that Lebanese history is so wrought with.

Just ask Rafik Hariri. Oh yeah, you can't...

But either way, that is the course they are now on. Regretfully, the day will soon dawn in Lebanon with a President Hassan Nasrallah in place, giving control of a former democratic nation to a seething, unmerciful group of murderous terrorists.

The specter of this coming new loss to terrorist control must sit very poorly with the +90% of the Israeli people who supported Olmert's war against Hezbollah. It ought to sit pretty poorly with those of us in America and Europe who can see beyond the end of their nose, too.

But I am betting it will be another virtually silent and successful creep up the stairs to most. Too bad for the Free World.


December 10th, "hundreds of thousands" of Hezbollah supporters in Beirut streets protesting for Siniora to step down...


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