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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Blessings to You

Well, kind people, the rush and bustle is nearly over at long last. The magic and memories from every Christmas past can dance through our heads and bathe us in their warmth. This is a time to inventory our blessings and reconcile our tragedies as we are best able.

I am impacted by many things each year at this time.

I consider the local family who lost their 17 year old son barely two weeks ago. He was hit by a truck, almost in front of his own yard, driven by a man who fell asleep at the wheel. He was walking with a school friend who was unhurt because his buddy always walked on the highway side of his friends, to give them protection from traffic. By all accounts, a bright, outgoing, wonderful young man... suddenly, unbelievably, gone.

I recently learned that a very dear friend's wife was killed in an accident the day before Christmas last year. We had not been in touch during the year because I had not wanted to burden him with news of my mother's numerous health complications in the past 11 months. He had not contacted me because he didn't want to add his nightmare to my family worries. That, folks, is concern and thoughtfulness born of real friendship.

I think of the friends and family who are not with us any longer to enjoy the spirit of the season. I silently thank them for the wonderful lessons and beautiful celebrations they were such a part of.

I think of some good friends, some twenty plus years younger than us, who are about to have their second child. I have known them since they were just kids and watched them overcome so many difficulties together. They are successful, happy, loving parents of a fine young boy and now he will have a sister soon. Life replacing life.

I look at my beautiful wife, our life, our dogs, our home, our freedoms and I am so humbled and eager to say thank you. I have everything a person could honestly desire.

A couple of years ago, I made my first attempt at a video compilation for my family members and close friends. I decided to snip out and edit some of the closing moments of that video and create a 2006 "shorty" version. The pictures are all mine, quite obviously when you see the poor quality! The snowmobile video footage was shot with one hand on the handlebars, one holding the camera (I got to get a helmet cam before I get seriously hurt! HA!). It is crude and rude, but couldn't be more sincerely from the heart. I hope it brings a warm feeling to your soul, as you do to mine. It is modified and presented here specifically for the good, incredible people that I have had the honor of "meeting" through this medium... YOU!

You folks have restored my faith in America and made me realize that Conservatives do not live on a deserted island! There are lots and lots and LOTS of us, each with great creative brains and much to say about faith, conviction, values, ethics and tradition. And unlike so many of the 'blame America first' crowd, you don't just sit around and whine, you get involved and act.

So this is to you good people. CHEERS from our little house in the woods in the North! God Bless and keep you, each and every one!


Watch the Video

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