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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

OK, What Did YOU Think?

Personally, I thought Jorge did a pretty good job. (I will spell his name correctly when he decides to actually do something productive about our border porosity. Until then, I will generally support him, with that distinct exception, but he will get the illegal alien tint.)

He is a notoriously HORRIBLE public speaker, but does usually manage to deliver a better speech when it is scripted and rehearsed like the State of the Union compilation. I thought he was quite smooth and spoke with personality last evening, unlike the normal board stiff Algore presentation.

I also thought there was some pretty good substance to his words, but, other than that superficial and vague observation, I don't want to spoil or flavor your opinions by first presenting mine. I am very interested in your dissection of his effort last evening.

So, for once, please leave your personal analysis, critical, endorsing or otherwise and I will further expound on my opinion subsequently in the comments.

You first... and thanks as always for taking a moment of your time to do so. Oh, and any other individuals who were present at the SOTU speech that you noticed something, ummmm... 'noteworthy' about would also be welcome.

See ya' in the comments box!



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