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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Have You Reviewed
'The Example' Lately?


I was just filling a few moments with brain activity while I simultaneously slammed down "lunch" on a Saturday workday (at 4:35 PM!). Sometimes I open up one of my browsers (I have IE, Netscape and Mozilla for some reason I'm sure indicates a deep seated problem within me) and I pick a category from amongst my 'Favorites' or 'Bookmarks' and just sniff around a bit. I like to see what I have saved for sites and have a look to freshen my memory of why they caught my eye in the first place. I have very wide, eclectic interests and I have a zillion trillion saved URL's, so I never know what I'll stumble onto or how long since I have last looked at a given item.

I found a few unique things of interest to me that I thought I would share and copy to an e-mail friend. And then I happened to re-open 'Ghost Town'.

I don't know what Elena's personal politics are. It doesn't matter to me, really. ...Because my interest in her is for her work. She is an artist with a camera and a tremendous storyteller. Her story presented in Ghost Town is not new (she prepared it and presented it several years ago), but it has the slap of a sprung tree branch in the face. It is a sad, morbid story that she has given depth and clarity. The tone is one of consideration, respect and deep thought. It is long but richly, stunningly imaged and moderated.

And, of course, it has relevance... justifiably more now than ever before.

It was an accident. Yet the effects are as bad as if it were intentional. Today it is probably more likely that a similar catastrophe would be intentional... and perhaps on a much larger scale, or in multiple occurrences.

600 years... what is that like? Can you comprehend a current, living, breathing city as suddenly dead and uninhabitable for that estimated period of time or longer?

What would America be like after something like this happened in New York, Washington or LA due to intentional terrorist infiltration and bombing? We cannot miss but only once for it to be devastating.

The point? Ghost Town is real. The threat and the enemy that can create many more permanent Ghost Towns are real. Their commitment to destroying us is real.

You may not like Jorge Bush and some of his policies, but his goal is to survive this greatest threat ever. He isn't trying to murder innocents (as are the terrorists) and he does not seek world domination (as do the terrorists)... merely preservation of freedom. That should place us all on the same side. Whether you like how he chooses to fight this WOT or not, it is imperative that the American people recognize that we will have to fight to save ourselves and our children.
Running away and quitting is not an option.

This Ghost Town could be any town. And it could happen in an afternoon just like it did for these poor people... any of us in the Free World, any afternoon. On purpose. Do not deceive yourself... Our enemy would dance and rejoice in our bloodshed (as they have done before).

Make yourself look at it and consider how it could be, in a flash. Look at what is, what remains... after.

'Winners never quit... we are no different, nor can we be.'

Read and view Elena Filatova's poignant Ghost Town (I highly recommend downloading her videos Ghost Town and Consumed Land also):

"My name is Elena. I run this website and I don't have anything to sell..."



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