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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Late Evening at Beer Fest '09...

Miradena is kindly sharing Photoshop skills with me. We are finding a variation in expressing our mutual outrage with the ongoing political nightmare through imagery. It has been great fun combining thoughts and ramblings and turning them into "creations". They become little projects that are nursed along until done (in the few minutes lately that we each have to devote to such). This collaboration is our latest meandering.

Its what the spectacle could have (would have?) devolved into had a tad more time and a few extra beers been poured. Tempers would flare and squelched emotions would spill. The above is no more ridiculous than the charade that was served up to America.

"Beer Summit"

UGH! My respectfully naked posterior!

Neither of the Emperors wore clothes. There was nothing "racist" in this episode (except using the accusation as a lever to summon the clamoring town criers). The puzzlement for me comes in witnessing the millions "Bam-Boozled" by the transparent absurdity. Such an astonishing, endless plethora of fools!

It was a public smoozle, a twisted simulation... an artfully fabricated portrayal. The Sarge caved and humbly submitted himself as a pawn while the wolves danced around him and mercifully let him live.

Damn, Sarge... Did you, for even one millisecond, consider how classy it would have been to tell The Circus to shove it (in the most polite, genteel language you could muster)? In the beginning, I honestly thought you had the stones to see it through. I disappointingly cede I was wrong.

"No one apologized."

But of course not! There is no right nor wrong in LiberaLand. Everyone is a "winner". Children! Children! This is NOT a competition (...that sordid, "Old World", barbaric practice).

Let the message echo from the mountains to the seas! Dissent will be squashed! Fall into line... or be abased and excluded from the Fruits of His Wonderfulness. Do your jobs as contained by the parameters of our agenda, mere serfs.

And it well represents the entire glossy, contrived, cheap chrome trickery approach to all that has proven to be this administration's foundation cracking "changes". Image, perception and deception take precedence over fact, specificity and harsh, bitter economic reality.

The trance-like march to obedient socialism is numbing to watch.

So laugh at it. Or at least try to.


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