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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Endless Hangover

Part I "The Morning After..."

{D.I.} Thirty years plus of "Progressive ProperSpeak" vocabulary to shape and mold public opinion, redefine "standards" of conduct, acceptance and nonacceptance... the fringe liberals finally have hit their mark and swooned the whole tribe. The misnomered "Fairness Doctrine" and other Free Speech squelching measures will maintain promise of this language of indoctrination to continue and flourish. The unending goal is to make liberalism the new Normal, while rendering Conservatism 'old style', antiquated and pure evil.

"Bad = Good, Good = Bad"

We face four to eight years of the most radical, sweeping "changes" that Mr. Bowie could have possibly envisioned. In fact, we may not be able to truly see what is coming realistically enough yet to even approach being properly alarmed. And now, it's just too late to stop the train.

Nice work, "Conservatives"...

We allowed our principles of true Conservatism to be eroded to something that became "Lefty Light"... and we tried to pass John McCain off as a "real Conservative". We ran that against the purest of Liberal. And, as usual, people chose the pure strength rather than the murky, watered version of milk toast. The election was over on January 29th of this year, Folks.

Nice work, Charlie Crist and the Florida Crackheads...

We never gave ourselves a chance. We attached ourselves to a fake. We chameleoned into calling him adequate when he was NOT. Recognizing this, he in turn chose a jewel and then wrapped her in a blanket and smothered her luminance. She was bound to steal the show and overshadow you (*Hint: she's a REAL Conservative)... but you still would have been President when she came through for you by offsetting your errant record and deeds. But you couldn't handle the reality, so you squelched her sparkle.

Nice work, John... please go away now. Quit jamming me...

The majority that voted were the disconnected and uninformed... not analytical, no history knowledge, no conceptual knowledge, no economic knowledge, uncaring, shallow pools of the unthinking, uninvolved except in the gala of the month (and themselves)... just hollow rebel rouser's caught up in the entertainment of the moment... yet delivering and leaving us with a permanent stain. They have partied, "voted" and now return to their state of incoherence as usual.

Thanks for the gift, Airheads... like blowing up a nuclear "dirty bomb" and getting it on all of us.


{M.D.} Yes, D.I., the tragic outcome of this election was indeed as far reaching and potentially damaging as a dirty bomb.

Perhaps true Conservatives should have recognized their fault (by default) in the outcome of this election. We should all be frantically trying to wipe the fallout dust from the shoulders of our collective consciences. We simply cannot accept any Socialist stains on the American flag. ”Out Damn Spot!” It is up to us to recognize that our own lack of diligence allowed Obama's weapon of constitutional destruction to be detonated - and it has set the stage for a significantly negative impact upon America's enduring freedom.

It has become painfully clear that the shock and awe of this explosion went unnoticed by more than half of the population of this nation. Assembled with elements of ignorance and apathy, this incendiary device was created by design to be an assault on our values, while causing irreparable damage to our liberties.

November 4th, 2008 marked a new malevolent reference point to the “shot heard ‘round the world.”

Too many once steadfast conservatives have embraced a sobering complacency that will ultimately become known as constitutional suicide, caused by a self inflicted wound to the head of the Republican Party...


{D.I.} All too true, Dena... and stunningly sad. But it's not lost, and never is as long as we live and breathe. This nation faced larger, more despicable enemies to originally become established! We are, however, in for a magnified, lopsided and concentrated battle of much tougher proportions than the one we just forfeited by default. We relegated ourselves to this position.

I think stout Conservatives will rise to decry the wheres and hows of why we stumbled. The course of this nation will now turn to a drunken inebriated period of wild, ransacking spending. For some time now, many on the right have posited the possible need to fall flat on our faces, in order to recognize gravity and rediscover the ground floor.

We are about to test... and live... that theory.

In the meantime, we should be good and thinking chess players. We need to examine each of the areas of the coming administration's fantasies and campaign sing songs... and how they will directly impact this country's tomorrows.

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