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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Have a REAL Mom...

You are pure, beaming beauty, without compromise.

You are staunch love, without conditions.

You are uplifting creativity, requiring no materials.

You are the gentlest sensitivity.

You are the well of kindness.

You steward goodness, and it flows from you to all encircling.

You are empathy, without regret, apology or shame.

You are defensive anger, when safeguarding your flock.

You are unflappable conviction, devoid of cracks in your armor.

You are faith, with no moment so desperate to cause release of your grasp.

You are humility, maintaining quiet peace and refusing lime light.

You are discipline to elevate principle, even when it pains you to insist on nothing less. (And that's what a REAL Mom does...)

You embody forgiveness, despite severity of offense, yet your tenets mandate just penalty.

You are grace under pressure, with angelic focus.

You are courage in the jaws of disaster, and you relentlessly emerge to victory.

You showed me how to fight, when right, with a strength born within.
(And that's what a REAL Mom does...)

You showed me how to look beyond the horizon, while eternally being my loudest cheerleader.

You showed me thoroughness and detail... that no job was done without true completion.

You showed me to sow patience... again and again and again.

You are THE example of nobility's child, with strength, purpose and silent acceptance. (And that's what a REAL Mom does...)

Thank you for proudly being MY Mom, despite my numerous failings and shortfalls. I assure you that pride in YOU, is reflected in the mirror that is ME.

Happy 75th Birthday,
Incredible Mom!!!

Don't lament the number... it is a badge of accomplishment. Just be keenly aware that it is a well deserved gift for you... and to ALL of us that LOVE you so dearly! You will always be the Greatest Mom to me!

(And just in case you can't quite be sure who wrote this for you, or you think that I might be getting a bit too squishy to recognize...)

It's ME...
your "animal" son!

Party it up, Mom! This will get you started and prove that the above was no forgery... Don't let the beginning put you to sleep... the rest sure won't. ;)


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