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Monday, October 20, 2008

Can Faith Ever Be Hijacked?

There are few subjects that will ignite a conversation faster than the entrance of religion or politics. In fact, the only thing that could be more combustible than discussing either one of these subjects, is combining the two of them into one conversation..

The most personal aspect of religion is the reason why this subject has never been a topic for the faint of heart. However, the changes that will inevitably take place in this country, with the wrong leadership, are also not a subject for the faint of heart. Perhaps we need to discuss these things and examine these things that were once off-limits. I believe that a palpable sense of urgency has caused many of us to reconsider our hard and fast rule not to discuss certain subjects in polite company.

It is all about faith.

Barack Obama once claimed that the faith of this nation has been hijacked.

I strongly disagree. Undoubtedly, some of us may waver in our faith - and some of us will have fleeting doubts from time to time - but the very definition of faith is to have a firm and unyielding obligation to a true belief. My definition of faith is a personal, devout knowledge and appreciation for my God - and I alone control my faith. It is a conviction that no one can hijack. Ironically, Obama’s accusation came on the heels of his proclamation that, “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation...”

There may be some connection to Obama’s belief system or his lack of belief system that brings him to his own conclusions about faith. Perhaps he has been influenced by his choice of church, his stance on infanticide, his choice of mentors or a combination of these things. Sadly, there has been repetitive, blatant demagoguery from Obama - proving only that he still has very little understanding of those of us who “cling to religion” as a basis for our faith.



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