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Monday, October 06, 2008

Dear Mike...

One year tonight... a void in my world that will never again be filled.

I didn't know I should have stopped to visit you, even though the house was dark when I went by... I almost did. I thought you weren't home yet. I didn't know you were just leaving...

I don't understand. And I never will. But I am forced to accept your decision. We all are. The bitch was never worth that, Sir. You took from all of us who truly loved you... to end your pain.

I wish you had instead chosen to come talk with me. I was always there for you (as you were for me)... you can't deny that. And I will tell you sincerely that it was so easy... some of the best conversations I have ever been privileged to have... were with you. I wish I knew why you chose to stay mute... this one, most important time.

I apologize for not being able to attend the official 'Good Bye'. It was the kindest thing I could do for your family and friends... not to be there. They didn't deserve to witness the wrath that she did... that I still carry with me... for her... forever. So even then, she ducked responsibility one last time. But it is a long road with no turns... I pray I live long enough to see her straighten one out.

Thanks... SO MUCH... for the stories, the adventures, the politics, the wholesome values, the goodness, the hard work, the incessant laughs and smiles... the absolutely great times always flavored with your amazing mind. You left a mark in my soul that you apparently never realized... and I know I am only one of many. I will forever savor and cherish the memories of your excellence.

...and I will always miss you.

May God rest your good heart in His arms forever. I'll see ya' someday... when I too come home.

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