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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wowsa! Look What She's Done NOW!!

If you have become as curious (like many others now), you have likely seen all the anti-Bam Bam videos my new blogging partner has methodically, carefully, expertly assembled. In my mind, small as it may be, they have all been targeted, pertinent examples of each of the parts that comprise the attempted cult persona that is B. Hussein Obama.

So what she has most recently completed truly gathers up the pieces that preceded it, and has yielded a mathematical product of large proportions. If this video had been created first, it is my humble opinion that it would have left the 'other' pieces of the puzzle under attended. If the other videos had followed this, they would have been diminished and lost some of their individual impact.

Thus, the partner I know I have justifiably, PROUDLY added here, illustrates for you not just her ability to perceive and so eloquently convey her alerting messages of true excellence... but to do so with the presence of essential sequence.

Dena, you ROCK!

*UPDATE, 10PM, 8-15*

Watch the heads turning... and turning

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