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Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm Not Todd Shaw...

But I play like him over here in the Liberal Land of the Northeast. My snow is gone (Waaaaaah...) and worse yet, we get these imported blasts of "interior country weather" that blow in from the southeast and southwest. I just hate them, too. I have actually lived in many places where the humidity and temperature constantly hover just below a million, but I finally wised up and came home over seventeen years ago. Most of the summertime, it is reasonable temps (70's) and nice, dry air (40% humidity or so). Ah, yes... summer in Maine.

But then we get those never-brief-enough periods of a few days wherein you can close your eyes and imagine yourself standing on those baking, elevated strips of I-10 pavement that run directly above the swamps of Louisiana... Ugh! No offense, my friend Blogi, but I am unfit to have conversation with when it gets like that. I just want to sit naked in a cold river with a tygon "lifeline" tube in my mouth, connected to a well pressurized, temporarily full beer keg. Wake me when it snows, please.

Or alternatively, I may choose to relieve myself as Mr. Shaw has done here.

For those of you that might think this is somehow "faked" and can't be done, you are absolutely wrong. It is how snowmobiles routinely cross the inevitable stretches of open water in the late Spring sledding season. It does, however, require some skillful technique and constant forward motion, just like when flying an airplane. No parking until you reach dry land or it will be an embarrassing "glug, glug" sequence of sounds as your sled and your honor rapidly disappear out of sight. But fun without risk and challenge is probably... ummmm... not as much fun. HA!

So, smoldering, piping hot where you call home today? Enjoy if you can, something different from my blog besides my usual misery and doom. I think the sentiments, the vid quality and even the music very nicely convey my views here, but then again...

"Where is my mind?"


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