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Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday, America!

I pledge to...

Never Forget the sacrifices, the lives, the tears and the abandoned personal dreams by the soldiers who defended Our Country.

Never Forget the permanently wounded, bereaved family members those brave souls left behind.

Never Forget my individual duty to uphold, speak out about and remind others of these incredible gifts of freedom conveyed to all Americans.

Never Forget to instruct our children in the true heroic history of Our Forefathers.

Never Forget to honor these precious blessings on Our Country's significant days of remembrance including Patriot's Day, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, this hallowed Independence Day, and Labor Day.

Never Contribute to the apathy that continues to attempt to erode what we have.

Always be thankful.

Always be respectful.

Always be indebted to and humbled by our military personnels sense of duty.

Honestly, since January 29th, when McCain stole our party's nomination, I have been disillusioned and found it nearly impossible to write here. I felt, and to some degree still feel, that much of what this country once represented has been lost... or is about to be.

While that may still prove to be true, I now look in the mirror and realize that by not contributing to the din of objection to his stances that myself and other true Conservatives find so objectionable, I am myself being apathetic. When others still, to this very second, walk battlefields still defending us... my apathy and emotions of futility are quite simply... unacceptable.

Brave men and women continue to lay their lives on the line, as so many have gallantly done before them, yet I have seen fit to be almost silent and overwhelmed. Good that so many do not retreat into virtual submission as I have done these last months. I am ashamed.

How many more and enormous difficulties have these soldiers unflinchingly faced?

Therefore, I will return to my meager contribution to the rising noise of opposition. I despise McCain, but I will fight the imperial, elitist socialism of Obama and all his power seeking, evading cronies. We have overcome much greater evils in our long, triumphant history. Who the hell is this impostor of Chicago to assume that he can overrun and quiet our voices? And who the hell am I to allow his bluster, media control and mindless minions to intimidate and squelch my fuel to oppose him loudly?

I also wish to give due credit to those who made me look in that mirror and relocate my ambition. It is all of you... my fellow Conservative bloggers whom I revere with regard you will likely never fully grasp. You are each Warriors. You undauntingly speak and risk enduring criticisms. You do it repeatedly, consistently and without fail. You inspire me and remove me from an island of isolation I would otherwise perhaps withdraw to. Just so you know... I read your words, absorb and appreciate much more than you may realize... often without deserved comment.

So... I had this *idea*. Accolades, where they are so very due! Why not? And what better day to begin than America's Birthday?

How many of you experience the same feelings of withdrawal and ineffectiveness? How often do you ask yourself "Why bother?" or "Does it REALLY ever make any difference?"

We each have, almost without exception, a "Bloglist" or "Blogroll". Mine is assembled to show others who I read and enjoy, perhaps enticing them to experience those individual talents themselves. They all have their unique approaches, styles, talents and items of importance to which they choose to direct attention. But to me, they are so very good, they deserve more than a simple title in a sidebar and a hypertext link. They earn special, one-at-a-time recognition!

Therefore, on this sacred Birthday of America, 2008, I choose to begin my periodic "Wordsmith Warrior" designation.

In it, I will attempt to place one unique and deserving blogger into the spotlight of those who might kindly visit here. I want to offer some endorsement and support for those who make such magnificent, giant efforts to keep the good principled fight.

Anyone on my bloglist is there for special reasons. I don't just add at random or for favor... ever. You can bet your butt if you're on it, you have made a big dent on my radar screen.

But now I must select the first "Warrior".

Who? There should be no question.

She is the staunchest, most consistent, caring, truthful, dedicated and loving Conservative blogger I have ever been privileged to know. All my dearest friends quite consistently open her page first when they sit down to read the daily wisdoms. She is humble, intellectual and unbending in her commitment to NEVER quit the fight. Her personal life never is allowed to become so large that there is not room in her day for her country.

God Bless and preserve you "Angel" of "Woman Honor Thyself" blog! You are the epitome of faith, service and unswerving determination. YOU inspire. YOU motivate. YOU are my mirror. Thank you for all you do to lead us and set the textbook example. I salute you, you could not be more worthy and you are my first...

"...the blessings, the liberty, the freedom! I just SO , SO LOVE this beautiful country!"

Angel, July 4th, 2008

May God allow us to recognize the precious people, places and duty bound acts that make this country so imperviously strong. May He give us the strength to persevere. May He grant us the tolerance to understand the misdirection of so many. And may God Bless this unconquerable nation to always provide the light of Freedom to mankind on all shores.

Forever may we live strong...



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