"One man, living again in his home state, surrounded by territory once rife with Conservatives,
and now hijacked by imported Liberals. This is the product of a self-imposed duty to continue to speak my Traditionalist Values
despite the Left's proliferation, procreation and perpetual regurgitation."

"One woman, living in a southern state, invaded by liberal policies, where strong Conservatives
were once revered. Proudly clinging to my guns. Proudly singing to my God."




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Sunday, May 11, 2008


ex·tem·po·ra·ne·ous /ɪkˌstɛmpəˈreɪniəs/ [ik-stem-puh-rey-nee-uhs]


1.) done, spoken, performed, etc., without special advance preparation; impromptu

“Hey, it's you...”
“It's me - and it's you!”
“Long time no see or talk or anything”
“Yeah, I was thinking about you just a few minutes ago!”
“Uh oh, some major calamity that reminded you of me?”
“Nope - just thought 'gee I miss talking to him!'”
“Ditto... been crazy busy
“Yep - hopefully that results in major money at some point…”
“It needs to, and soon... got a lot of dinero out right now…”
“Yep, I know the feeling”
“Sure.... [expecting a call] very shortly here... my God, I am SO BUSY!”
“Me too, but it's a good thing”
“I guess... I am trying to get the two yards rebuilt and then move on to prepping the house for the Home Study [my wife and I are in the process of adopting an orphan]”
“Well, you will get through it, I'm certain.”
“I’ll tell you, sometimes it seems like too much mountain”
“Every once in a while, you need to stop looking at the height still left to scale and turn around and see how much mountain you've already climbed… makes it all a bit easier to grasp then”
“... yes, a point well made. I have also never been more deflated over what the future holds… I want to write, but all that comes off my fingers is doom and gloom… I’m even tired of listening to myself… people are such helpless, spineless amoebas... They increase my contempt for them exponentially... and make me even MORE of a cynic (if that is even possible)… and it probably is not”
*LOL* “…You sound like my husband - he just said something very similiar last night after the hoopla at our house.”
“The only good that comes from my general hatred of MOST people is the standard of reference when reviewing the few GOOD ONES”
“I can see that as a positive more than a negative…”
“Exactly what I meant, I guess... it is a true life quote for me without a doubt! HA!”
“I like that about you - it's the ulimate wysiwyg - I wish more were like us.”
“Thank you... a very large compliment”
“Well deserved”
“…and "like us" is so correct... I know you are the same way.”
“Thank you, too!”
“And [my wife] is the same, and I am positive your great hubby is, too... 'Water seeks its own level'... as ‘Mr. Snyder’ told my class of 4th graders…”
“You are correct and you knew you were. and Mr. Snyder was too!”
“He said it upon return from his interupting principal duties... He "caught" one of the girls in class covering up late...I had "trained" all the girls in our class (of 16) to lift their skirts in rotation anytime he had to step out of the room... LOL... a true little pervert from a youthful age! HA!”
*LOL* - I love it. It fits with my thought of you as a youngster!”
“Yeah, I was a mess..."was" being the operative word […hopefully…]”
“Most of us were”
“I dunno... I was a case for sure... it got a LOT worse before it got any better at all”
“But it did get better, and you wouldn't have gotten to where you are without having gone through what you did. Remember: change one thing and you change everything”
“Very wise for your youthful age, my dear!”
“I've an old soul.”
“Yes you do… :) You have many very similar outlooks to mine. I find that rarely... it is very nice”
“I so seldom find anyone of a like mind, I cherish it when I do...”
“Boy, I sure do too! …put my snowmobiles away a couple of nights ago…”
“I had to wonder if I will be able to use them next year…”
“Why ‘cause?”
“I am very negative about the direction of the country. The camels back is very weak right now…”
“Yes it is, but we have many patriots who haven't stepped up yet. I am hopeful. I refuse to be otherwise…”
“Those patriots are the only ones who may survive what could descend upon us in hours... I am not very hopeful much anymore…”
“Remember the Alamo. Remember Lexington and Concord. Remember that many of our immigrants of late (and their children) recall the tyranny of Kosovo and the USSR and Poland and... and the blood of those patriots runs in our veins. Remember what Jefferson said about the ‘natural manure of freedom’.”
“Our population is no longer comprised of that strength... and it is indicated in so many very alarming examples... Obama's ascent for instance…”
“Our majority is not longer comprised of that strength. But, our majority was NEVER comprised of that strength! Remember, the majority of the people in this country at the time of the revolution sided with England!”
“I know that history. But, confront the reality of how few others do. We have open borders and terrorists amongst us. A huge hit on a major city (or five) would collapse our society as we know it… overnight. The long term survivors are the ones who will be in the mountains, well prepared, ahead of time.”
“Valid points. But, all is not yet lost! I believe that when things start crashing we will see leaders emerge, and patriots as well, who will fight against what is happening. I believe that even some of our illegals will join in - maybe not all, but a good percentage, at least. I refuse to believe there is no hope!”
“I am not saying there is no hope, but I honestly see very, very little. We are on a downward angling course that shows no signs of reversing or even slowing down... In fact, reading the daily headlines of one outrage superceding another, it seems to me the pace is increasing! …sorry, I don't wish to spread my own misery.”
“No misery being spread here - I thought it was a discussion.”
*long pause…*
“Uh oh, I sense a novel coming…”
“It's classic misinformation - the MSM wants it to be so, so they can propagate their poison. I believe there is much good happening that isn't making it into the everyday news. That is what I hold on to. No idea what it is, but I know it's there. I see it in the eyes of my children. In fact - there is a country radio station I listen to here and they make a point of supporting the troops no matter what. And, they actively support the USO and promote those country acts who will go on a USO tour more than those that don't. Today, a sailor called in (he's in town visiting) and he was blown away… crying, thanking them for their support. It brought me, and I'm certain everyone listening, to tears of pride for this great American sailor as well as the radio station. These are the stories that REALLY matter! I am seeking them out, because they are our future.”
“…and those honorable folks bring me to tears, too. I hurt to know that there are so many who disparage their incredible contributions. Yes, it is a discussion, but my outlook is awful. I see a huge percentage of the population who is unprepared and whom it has not even occurred to that life just won't continue to be the same, no matter what they do... or DON'T do.”
“Wolves and sheep and sheepdogs. We're sheepdogs. We can't save all the sheep by simply protecting them. We'll save more by training more sheepdogs… and battling the wolves. You know this. I'm not telling you something new. I'm just reminding you and I don't mean to be trite…”
“I know. In the grocery store, I see a swarm of faces of future helpless victims. They don't think, they don't act, they just hold out their "deserving" hands…”
“Exactly… they are the sheep and many, perhaps most, will die.”
“That’s right.”
“Just like in the Revolutionary War of this country, and France, and at Culloden in Scotland…”
“It shouldn't have had to come to this…”
“But those who survived - and it was more than just the ones in the mountains… and it will be again - started over and either reclaimed where they were or moved somewhere else. Think of how many Culloden survivors formed a large part of the backbone of our original patriots who battled Georgie…”
“Yes… But the enemy has bigger tools than before…”
“They were steel tempered by righteousness and faith. and so are we. and so are many others!”
“I dont think there are that many…”
“There are - they're having these conversations amongst themselves and getting ready, just as we are. Remember, Georgie and his minions didn't think there were that many either. It HAS to come to this! The only way to cull the illness is to attack it.”
“Yes, I know. It makes me so angry that this will be necessary again! I dont want it to come to where I HAVE to shoot my unprepared, starving and desperate neighbors who are rabidly trying to take my survival!!”
“Let it sadden you, let it disgust you; but don't let it anger you - no one can keep his head when he's angry - channel it into preparation and don't dwell on it. Think of job. Think of those brave men who faced the King and demanded he sign the Magna Carta. Think of those brave men who said "not on my watch, I will no longer be subject to your tyranny!" … Here, and in Poland, and in Romania, and in... You won't want to, but if they won't join into an organized solution for survival, you will. As will I.”
“Yes. And, for the most part, I am channeled on duty rather than anger. The anger comes out at times of discussion, like this one.”
“Because you and I and [our families] - we will be the leaders - no matter our age. We will make certain that we and ours survive and flourish and anyone joining us will as well.”
“…to the best of our ability.”
“…and that's no small measure.”
“We had such a beautiful country... this is wasteful, disrespectful to those before us, and it should NOT be necessary. But I understand it very well may be.”
“I know and it grieves me too. But now I am resigned to inculcating my children and their children.”
*big exhale* “Thanks... I don't mean to be weak... I am tired, really disenchanted and have the added weight of bringing a child into our lives, which I of course want a solid future for. I think that the number of people that have no clue all around us is making this even worse. I appreciate your words.”
“I know that I may sound like I am trivializing things, but trust me I am not. I am trying to be as positive as possible about my and mine's chances for survival. I can't be concerned with the others around me - they'll either step up and fight or they'll be killed. No skin off my teeth either way. It will be their decision and I will not worry about it. Your son will have a very solid future because he will have you and your wife. It may not be a life of leisure, but it will be full.”
“I guess it is the liberal in me (never thought I would say that!). It does sadden me to recognize how many may not get through what is likely coming. I vehemently disagree with them and even blame them for our slide... but I would not wish upon them the helplessness they have earned. I know... "earned" is appropriate and accurate.”
“That's fine. It's called empathy - so long as you don't sympathize with them, we're good. Many are not meant to get through things and it can not be more than a passing concern of ours.”
“I sure as hell don't sympathize with ANY of them and I surely know the difference. I am simply very saddened that they will be relegated to the end destiny that they manufactured. And I am angered at the disrespect for what we all had... and for the wasteful burning of the sacrifices that gave it to them. This should never have happened. It is stupid and deplorable.”

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