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Friday, February 15, 2008

Insanity Defined...

It should be defined as doing something that has proven ineffective again and again, each time expecting different results. Do we, as a people, like the headlines and the drama so much that we allow ourselves to hide from teaching our population to fight back? What other possible explanation would there be???

Gretchen Carlson on Fox and Friends this morning recounted the shooting aftermath, emphasizing that the one "big remaining question" still was unanswered...


That's not a question that matters at all, yet we all repeatedly focus upon it and try to conjure up some rational explanation. There is none. There never will be. And it doesn't matter.

What matters is that we are doing absolutely NOTHING concrete to empower citizens and students alike in these ridiculous "gun free zones". We do nothing to encourage them to defend themselves, prepare to defend themselves or consider/anticipate the same sequence of events that will unfurl the next time that some derelict decides to go out in a big blaze of headlines and take a few random, innocent sheep with him.

But we do always make sure to publish the shooter's photograph, guaranteeing him the fame he seeks. In doing so, we also make sure to send the message to the other waiting-in-the-wings crazies that they, too, will get their picture in the paper when they emulate the same tried and proven practice. This really is public insanity... nothing short of it!

I sat and watched a campus "news" conference this morning wherein the speaker spent a great deal of effort and time "introducing" all the official police personnel who showed up for the cameras and the "we're all so sorry" singsong. I'm sure the victims families were quite impressed and comforted by all the attention after their loved ones were summarily executed.

And of course included were a few key interviews of student witnesses who promptly expressed their incredulity that they were not "safe" and somehow "protected" by mere words, wishes, 'demands' and expectations...

"Last semester, with the threats going on, we thought that they would enforce something beyond what they did and they completely didn't. I'm kinda angry," said NIU sophomore Brianna Tyler.

"I kind of want to transfer but it's not like you can get away from it no matter where you go, you know?"Carr said.

The campus "defense system" consists of sending e-mails and text messages, imposing such catchy phrases as "campus lockdown" and similar useless, rhetorical excrement.

An e-mail from the university went out more than an hour after the shootings, even though the NIU website reported a possible gunman on campus 20 minutes after the shooting began.

Yeppir... and the actual murders took only seconds, although there was a time in there when the shooter calmly reloaded, before killing some more wide eyed targets. Nobody rushed him. Nobody shot him. Nobody did anything except, cower, run or wait to be killed. What a shameful level we have descended to.

One of the articles about this attack stressed the reassuring role that "technology" is playing in the aftermath...

Thursday night, technology was playing an important role in the recovery process, as students were logging onto social networking websites like Facebook to share their thoughts about the tragedy.

There you go... that'll fix it.

And look at all the very impressively important folks that showed up in their respective official capacities (after the victims were all dead):

"The FBI is processing the crime scene and the investigation is being aided by the Illinois State Police, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, the State Crisis Management Team, the City of DeKalb Police, City of Sycamore Police, DeKalb County Sheriff's Department, the Ben Gordon Center and the DeKalb, Sycamore and Cortland Fire Departments, as well as FEMA."

Which one of these elite agencies will now bring the dead back to life?

As usual, those who did not cower and wait to be killed... ran and abandoned the soon to be next victims. What a pathetic, ignoble population we have groomed into submission.

"She said she went to the ground immediately and just started staring at the floor."

"He says that the gunman was a white male dressed in all black. He kicked the door in and opened fire. My brother dove under the desk, and popped his head up to see the gunman was reloading. He grabbed his girlfriend's hand and ran to the library where they been in lockdown since."

Of course, Mr. Obama interjects that he is ready to do "whatever it takes" to end "gun violence". It is not gun violence, it is violence precipitated by a ruthless assailant. The gun is only the selected tool. It can be used for evil or good, pending the hands which clench it. And he is blatantly lying. All it takes is a well armed and trained citizenry... and he is fundamentally opposed to that. It might endanger a criminal's well being, I guess.

What do you think the effect would have been if, when this armed lunatic stepped into the classroom of 200 people and started killing folks, someone in all the ensuing chaos carefully withdrew a pistol from his pocket, waited for a clean opportunity and dropped this guy with one well placed, practiced shot?

The news headlines would surely have been instantly trained on prosecuting the person carrying concealed, with great emphasis that he was violating the "rules" of a "gun free zone". The Pelosis and Schumers and Kerrys and Clintons would have been screaming from the rooftops that this situation "could have gone wrong" and "the situation should have been handled by the authorities"!

Fortunately, once again, this morning after the victims have died, the authorities are right on top of it.

How many more times will we allow the same repeat insanity of forcing our innocent students to sit and wait for their next killer, ...unarmed?

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