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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Steadfastly Forward...

Obviously, I have momentarily emerged again from my work cave. It is indeed the New Year, but the relative degree of shining brightness is perhaps debatable.

I am growing quite weary of the influx of e-mails encouraging me to review the carefully assembled 'facts' about each of the assumed candidates for Prez. I finally, quite suddenly and spontaneously erupted a day ago after receiving one entitled "What do you think?"... Well, since I was asked...

Hi Xxxxx,

Fricken' comatose boneheads!!! It continues to astound me the number of people who cannot simply examine the records of the individuals in question... something most of these lazy dysfunctionals would generally have to do now because they are otherwise so consistently apathetic, ignorant and uninformed at any and all other times in the four year cycle. We collectively act as if these freaks just suddenly appeared on the scene and no one has ever heard of them before or would have any way of previously measuring them by their acts... or LACK thereof!

Obamawama is a generic liberal, nothing more. He is unique in no manner other than a "charismatic smile". BFD! Doesn't that ubiquitous refrain p*ss me off, too... we didn't get enough of the Clinton debacle resulting from all the reported swooning of the populous to last us a lifetime? It is NOT a beauty contest. I don't care if I would "like them" personally or be inclined to "have a beer with them"! Holy sh*t... that is NOT their function nor purpose and it NEVER WILL BE!

Ron Paul is a "blame America first" Rinocrat. Yes, he is more or less a "strict Constitutionalist" but that quality loses its' sheen when he continuously states that we should ignore all the building evil in the World, including the blatant Islamic caliphate destiny. We simply cannot do that or we will be overthrown and dominated. That will mean submitting to dhimmification or choosing death. It is no more complex than that, despite the unwavering leftist adventures and antics to BS the American people into thinking otherwise.

Duncan Hunter, very unfortunately for all of us, does not have a snowball's chance in hell. He and Tom Tancredo are the divinely provided Ronald Reagans of our day. And we have slipped so far over the liberal edge that even the remaining Conservatives don't have a clear enough memory to recognize that. That alone speaks libraries worth about how deeply down the commode we have fallen. Fred Thompson is the nearest thing to covering all of the Conservative points fully, but the Leftstream Media (deplorably including Fox as of late) are going out of their way to trivialize and ignore his efforts. He is not playing the popularity games that the remainder of the puppets so eagerly descend to, thus he is silently blackballed. Marvelous.

The future, IMHO, looks like a lot more chaos and failure due to the above. My view is that Rudy and the Hildebeast will ultimately win their respective nominations. Rudy is 'Hillary Lite' and is no more conservative with regard to abortion, 2nd Amendment and illegal immigration than my hunting dogs... in fact, probably less so (they LIKE guns). To put him in place as an alleged example of Conservatism pours massive quantities of water in our wine and we may never see the true taste ever again. But he will get my vote nonetheless... exactly why he will be so poisoning to our values. All real Conservatives will HAVE to follow suit. Because real Conservatives recognize that there is no choice here... we would vote for tertiary syphilis before ever endorsing the Hildebeast.

Best to you,


To expound on this a bit further, the future 'chaos and failure' I reference has nothing to do will the lefties perceived war 'mistakes'. The bulk of the difficulty of this war effort comes from the fact that we delayed and attempted to ignore it for so damn long. We acted like we saw no evidence of cancer and waited until it spread at the rate of Stage 3. Now we're finally trying to save the patient, but we're using weak chemo and leaving the tumors inside the body instead of cutting them out and killing them directly. Does anybody grasp this?? It is not a cute analogy... it is REAL. The war was not a "mistake", it was an overdue necessity!

NONE, I repeat... NONE of these other alleged serious issues count if the leadership of our country is unable to adequately defend us from being extinguished. People that would think otherwise render themselves simply laughable participants in the conversation. That is not to say that these 'other issues' do not count... it is to say that they count LESS and SECONDARILY. It is simply a priorities thingy, Folks. But it is disturbing how many people cannot and do not establish such a life value hierarchy.

There is NO Democrat that appropriately, fully recognizes these threats. Even Rudy, Mitt and Huckleberry each recognize the Islamic threat more clearly, and state that, than any tip toe, PC at-all-costs liberal on the other side. So any of them make a marginally, but decisively better choice than the cut and run and shiver-in-the-corner gang.

I don't need the little small mind assemblies of pseudo cleverness that keep arriving in my inbox. I did not recently begin an analysis. Most folks that read here (and often write on their own sites) know the facts, too. They each take the time to write, to speak out and to become informed (often outraged) because they put forth the extra amounts of participation to get involved. They, in a word, CARE.



Duncan ain't gonna' make it. Never was going to, sadly. Too bad for everybody.

But Fred still might. He is the least of the compromises, offering actually very few negatives, from a true Conservative perspective. He is not as pretty as Obamawama. He did momentarily employ Spencer Abraham... Grrrrrrr! There are other gray marks, but notably quite few. And they pale in comparison to the records of his opponents. They pale in comparison to the Big Picture.

His overall record is strong and consistent. He is a staunch 2nd Amendment supporter. He is in opposition to abortion. He believes in the sanctity of marriage and family. He endorses sealing up our borders and outlawing 'sanctuary cities'. He believes in tax reductions side by side with spending reductions. He is solid in his national defense, social and fiscal policies.

He recognizes the Islamic extremist threat and has always pledged operating from a position of strength. This is important... the MOST important! It is the only thing the Islamicists respond to. (Remember how the libs decried the 'surge' as an implausible policy? I had numerous comment engagements right here with people that were so sure that MORE force, rather than more passive action or outright withdrawal, was the only way to make a difference there.) In a land where oppression and domination reign, you can't speak another language and be understood.

I have not given up on Fred's ability to get people, who claim to be so Conservative... to notice his credentials. It can still happen. It needs to happen. It starts with each one of us individually. It always has. Be a part of the solution, not a part of the propaganda.

Otherwise, we are going to find ourselves voting for the least bitter poison come next November, instead of the brew that is almost as sweet as we would prefer.

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