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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

and Coming Attractions

So someone finally remained calm, worked their brain (instead of their sprinting legs) and concentrated on carefully using offensive gun fire to stop another madman hell bent on killing masses of innocents. I wouldn't want to say I told ya' so, along with millions of other law abiding citizen/gun owners, but WE sure DID!

Jeanne Assam, a church member who volunteers as a security guard, shot and killed [another nobody], who was found with a rifle and two handguns, police said. The pastor called her "a real hero."

I bet she hates being called a hero. She is an excellent citizen.

Ummm, but, did anybody read that? He had a rifle and two handguns, but he was stopped when he was hit by a few well placed rounds by this lone woman. That is the key here. These idiots fall down and die when hit by accurate return fire. This is much better than our friends and family members dying at the bloody hands of these random murderers.

This is not a sick plague of death wish cultists that we cannot resist and frequently stop. We simply need to have some responsible members of our society trained and armed if and when they wish to be. Just like the Second Amendment mentioned rather specifically.

"When the shots were fired, she rushed toward the scene and encountered the attacker there in a hallway. He never got more than 50 feet inside our building," he said. "There could have been a great loss of life yesterday, and she probably saved over 100 lives." [emphasis mine]

And now it is being reported that the non-specific Earth scum finally offed himself after, and only after Ms. Assam hit him several times with her controlled deadly fire.

He wouldn't have done it unless she had first fired and hit him. Or if he had been boxed in by some other equal opposing force. Like the police and/or the SWAT team maybe, but several minutes and numerous victims later. The difference was an armed individual already on the scene... not armed police trying desperately to show up before it's too late. Ask the folks who know they were next, but lived this time to be asked.

I bet the no life's last thoughts were disappointment that someone, in a church of all places, would be armed and cause his rampage to end so soon with such a low body count, but, too late...poof.


Where's a common thug have to go to find a "criminal safe" gun free zone to shoot innocent people in anymore?? Somebody surprised about what happened when Mr. Spineless met resistance??

Those bullet holes in him probably hurt a lot, and after all, this madness he inflicted upon people at prayer was all about "healing" his pain, right? 'Cause it's all about him! And by administering death randomly, permanently, upon people he views as merely worthless targets, he treats them like he correctly regards himself. Then he throws his own light switch to stop it all when HE feels real pain.

Too damn bad he didn't just stay in his bedroom and 'take care of his pain' by himself instead of killing four unknown innocents first. Less... than... worm.

"About 7,000 people were in and around the church the time of the shooting", Boyd said.
But he was stopped and he is dead. And a whole bunch of potential victims aren't. He was stopped by a trained individual with a firearm. These are facts.

End of the Dark Ages of Denial? Gun owner vindication? Hardly. This is certainly not the first time that a killer has been stopped by deadly force. But just watch how it gets twisted.


***Ms. Assam will be found, "upon further investigation into her background", to be a raving nutcase, who has been seething to find her first self defense "kill opportunity" literally all her life!

***"See, she was a former police officer and security guard, and everybody knows only those 'not-ordinary-citizens' are trained, capable and special enough to defend the herd."

***If the security guard had just left him alone, he would have had time to think things over and realize he really shouldn't kill any more than the four tragically unfortunate victims he had already. He probably would have surrendered after that...


Benning of Benning's Writing Pad has mentioned another story I was unaware of (many thanks, Benning!) pertaining to two other "security" guards on the scene ahead of Ms. Assam... Here are some highlights from the story he included in his comment, which I thought should get more direct attention:

'Bourbonnais, 59, had just finished up a hamburger in the cafeteria on the sprawling church campus when he heard gunfire, he recalled.

He headed in the direction of the shots as frightened people ran past him looking to escape to safety.

"Where's the shooter? Where's the shooter?" Bourbonnais kept yelling, he recalled.

Near an entryway in the church, Bourbonnais came upon the gunman and an armed male church security guard who was there with his gun drawn but not firing, he said.

Bourbonnais said he pleaded with the armed guard to give him his weapon.

"Give me your handgun. I've been in combat, and I'm going to take this guy out," Bourbonnais recalled telling the guard. "He kept yelling, 'Get behind me! Get behind me!' He wouldn't hand me his weapon, but he wouldn't do anything."

There was an additional armed security guard there, another man, who also didn't fire, Bourbonnais said.

Bourbonnais yelled at the gunman to draw his attention, he said.

"First, I called him 'Coward' then I called him 'S---head' " Bourbonnais said. "I probably shouldn't have been saying that in church."

That's when the shooter pointed one of his guns at Bourbonnais and fired, he said.

Bourbonnais ducked behind a hollow, decorative pillar and was hit in the arm by a bullet and fragments of the pillar.

So we also have examples of supposedly trained security guards who could not, or would not, do their jobs. These are the same folks that many gun control advocates would point to as the only "reasonable" answer to the question of armed responses to criminal assault.

We also have a trained ex-military citizen who still could not break the guards from their stupor and allow placement of the tool (they could not bring themselves to use) in capable hands. Indeed, this was quite a condensed incident which displayed many lessons in a short time.

Wouldn't you just hope a few formerly blind folks might open their eyes as a result?

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