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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fool's Gold...

So along comes Tuesday, January 29th, 2008. In Florida, a majority of dim witted, apparent crackheads step up to the voting booth and marginally give the Primary to a devout, verifiable liberal double-talker that Conservatives had shunned and apologized for only hours earlier.

POOF! He wins one marginally important state, not by any 'landslide', but by a small concentrated percentage.

Do Conservatives get together and rally to overcome an unexpected curve that heads us all over a cliff? Do we coagulate to stop the hemmorhage? Do we carefully, thoughtfully and strategically reiterate all that is wrong with John McCain's faux, cellophane and hypocritical "Conservative" history and voting record? Do we remind ourselves of the victories over other feeding tube frenzies like Harriet Miers and Jorge's Shamnesty... victories we were told were impossible?

Nope, we fragment and submit to that which we said, only hours earlier, was unthinkable.

The next day these same alleged Conservatives not only jumped on the McCain Train for the ride to a so-called "Republican" victory, they are spinning around and attacking their own base as "radical", "fringe" and "extreme right" members of the party. These hitmen even suddenly attempt to execute the very pillars of Conservatism, such leading voices as Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and Laura Ingraham.

Instead of the once expected reaction to such a blatant hijacking, a large majority of the Republican wing simply rolls over and cheerleads the continued slip over the edge into the liberal abyss. Instead of balking, these people I trusted as meaning their formerly spoken pledges of inflexible staunchness, become overnight chameleons with stripes and flags that alter hue with the blowing political winds. When your vehicle begins to slip off an icy road, you folks jump out, gather up a collected effort and push the damn car over the edge!

Who would have imagined that the liberal takeover of everything we once stood for would have been precipitated by suicide, rather than murder?

Anyone that doesn't quietly swallow this force fed mouthful of excrement and regurgitate starry eyed wonderment is actually labeled with "McCain Derangement Syndrome', a take-off on the formerly coined phrase to describe people from the whacked out left who despised anything and everything that was George Bush... with no sound reasoning or logic. And not so branded by the 'opposition', but by those supposedly within our own ranks! We are now accused of being foaming at the mouth, rabid 'extremists'. Our passion and adherence to our core is "unhinged".

Simply incredible.

Our crime?

We rigidly continue to stand beside the same things that we were supposed to ALL be standing beside on January 28th! We haven't bent and swayed with the media described "popular majority". We haven't caved, but stood proud and loud for the very same things that so many claimed as their principles only a day earlier.

Hard times truly have a way of exposing the weak, the frail and the fakers, huh? As dark, depressing, disappointing and stark as this realization is for those of us remaining with strong backs and shoulders... it is better we know rather than continue to be fooled. Villainize us as you wish, with your best adopted liberal styles. We truly recognize you for what you are. Your accusatory words cannot begin to cause us the pain that your actions have.

You are weak. You are bereft of the conviction you once professed and promised. You are unwilling to endure the battle that must now be fought. It is the easier and less personally abusive path you have selected, at least for the short term. You have sacrificed your principles for your unfettered, freshly swept sidewalk. And I am so shamed to have believed and been fooled by so many and your claimed convictions.

Take what I continue to believe in and use it to relegate me to your newly described "fringe".

I believe in God. I believe in the sanctity of traditional family and marriage. I believe in The Constitution, with special reverence particularly for the 1st and 2nd Amendments. I believe in personal responsibility and accountability. I believe in my country, freedom and liberty. I believe in the concrete foundation that was once truly Conservative. I will continue to speak out against socialized anything and everything. I will continue to stand firm against enablement and its' invasive mentality. I will not change to conform to your Nanny State in waiting.

John McCain is a well documented excursion in transparent fantasy. He is a fake and patently naked Emporer with a lifelong, incurable case of Small Man Syndrome. He is drunk with power and he will corrupt in the same fashion as any other liberal, by any other name or appearance.

I refuse to consume the hallucinogenics that allow so many now to see him in decorative, Conservative clothes. Enjoy your "trip", Hippies. It is going to be a hard crash when you come down. You will surely find yourself addicted, selling more of your soul for a continued supply of the drugs you now consume to ease the pain of your self-inflicted reality. The day will come, too, when you will have to answer for your abandonment. Unfortunately, we all will.


We no more than just about have our 'transmission' into McCain Gear and the Left begins its' abandonment of all the McCain Praiseā„¢ .

Now who'd a thunk it? I could swear they were all just lauding how he was a 'broad view', a war hero, the most respectable, the most honorable, the most electable gentleman of the "extremist" Repubs with his Maverickā„¢ reach-across-the-aisle mentality, yada, yada, yada...

You're villainizing him now, Harry? Nice guy, everybody's buddy John Boy??? But, but Harry! He was endorsed by the New York Times!!! Doesn't that mean anything??

(Yes. Yes, it did... How many of you missed it?)

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