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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A (Re-) Post for ALL
The Jews I Love...

If you don't stand with Israel, just leave. Get the hell off my blog space and stop fouling the room with your stench!

A deep and duly deserved bow to my fellow warrior "Linda" at Something... and Half of Something. That wonderful lady has uncovered one of the very best videos I have ever turned my attention to. Period.

Yes, I know that posting a video of someone else's creation and effort has nothing to do with an original post creation (and now I have done that twice in a row). But this blog has never, and never will, be about me. Rather, it is about my views, Conservatism, principles and justice... and I can't recall a vehicle that conveyed my views in this vein better than what follows. Thank you, Linda... Thank you so very much for sharing this with all of us.

If this man's magnificent declaration of support between Christians and Jews doesn't stir your soul, you are empty.


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