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Saturday, May 17, 2008

BS served hot
@ NYT Restaurant

"In Oregon on Friday, her first event, staged in a house in a quiet residential neighborhood, was described as a round-table discussion on the economy. Mrs. Clinton, surrounded by six people at a dining-room table, frequently drifted back to telling stories of economic woe and despair.

She told the story of a couple she met in Ohio who faithfully mailed in their mortgage check every month, only to have their home taken away from them in a home-foreclosure scam."

[emphasis mine]

Ummmmm... yeah, sure. Nobody seems to feel this juicy morsel worthy of scrutiny? Who are these poor people who did all the right things but unfairly had their home "taken away" by those evil mortgage holders? Surely their case should be paraded to sound the alarm against yet another outrage from money hungry capitalists!

Have you ever heard of anyone sending in their mortgage payments "faithfully" and then losing their home for no apparent reason otherwise? I guess the mortgage company just didn't like the folks on the other side of the contract and decided to be mean spirited. Yeah, that's it.

Perhaps the rest of us timely mortgage payment makers should be aware of this looming threat? Who'd a thunk this could happen when we signed and upheld our end of the agreement to the letter!

How bad is it getting when no one seems to even call either Clinton, or perhaps the alleged 'journalist' Julie Bosman, on this? Are we so completely drunk with liberal swallowings that we can't even detect taste or smell any longer?

The people I have seen lose their home have failed to pay their mortgage for several sequential months. There were ignored notices and unanswered phone calls/messages. In a nutshell, there was irresponsible spending, movie film reels of max'd out credit cards, lack of financial planning, no accountability and often the ever popular "all-about-me" mentality. I sense somebody is "special" here... separated from the rest of us who accept that a financial contract constitutes a financial obligation. Somebody here has handfuls of wool and the light is disappearing fast.

Or perhaps Clinton "mis-heard" and then "mis-spoke"... it could have been the deafening noise from prevailing sniper fire. Yeah... that's it.



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