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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thank You...

Sometimes, the very simplest words are the most eloquent, the most appropriate.

How would one otherwise properly address the incomprehensible gifts of sacrifice, commitment and steadfast determination that comes from the American soldier?

Surely, the greatest understanding of what these mean comes from the eyes, the minds and the lips of our hallowed veterans...

Our veterans deliver more than just their stated duties. The give us hope, inspiration and determination. They tell it like it is, despite the leftist illusions that permeate our media (and so many of our population's sheep)...

Realistically, the idiots that criticize their efforts, past generations and present, to unwaveringly defend this great nation and the principles upon which it was founded are small, petty opposition compared to what they have faced...

And what they continue to righteously face...

These brave men and women who proudly serve ALL of us KNOW the truth! They are driven, guided and moved by reality. They are undaunted by the proliferation of cowards who seek and know only their own personal agendas for their own personal power, political advancement and glorification. In the mind of a dedicated soldier, the self absorbed, asshat politician is barely a blip on their radar screen. Their laundry list of mocked "concerns" and incessant complaints instantly relegate them to the only category that they are worthy of... insignificance.

On this blessed Memorial Day 2008, please honor, respect and remember our fallen defenders...

Take to the fallen a flower to declare the beauty of their selflessness...

Honor their soul's salvation with pure prayer...

Shake an unknown veteran's hand in a crowd...

Simply say "Thank you"... and don't be afraid to let them see that your eyes honestly mean your words...

Savor our freedom and liberty. Forever may it reign supreme. God bless our veterans, alive and fallen... We, the Free, by your unselfish hand, are eternally indebted.


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