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Monday, June 30, 2008

Real Life...
Do You Kid Yourself, Too?

OK, she obviously passed on the choice to become trained and prepared to defend herself and the lives of her "babies". I already know the excuses the leftist mindset offers up for not possessing the defensive firearm tool in our daily travels. The idea that brutal aggression cannot be reliably repelled by staunch, practiced and rehearsed gun defense is misty, foolish BS... and facts/history repeatedly support this. Those that live in Fantasyland, however, prefer not to be enlightened by bothersome cases of reality.

But perhaps you can tell me what would cause a woman to get out of her locked vehicle and abandon her "babies" to some repugnant scum, leaving the keys in the ignition to carpet his escape with her own flesh and blood? Would it not occur, to a thinking individual, to start the engine, engage the transmission and drive away from the scene, preferably after rolling up the window and trapping the sadistic vermin's fingers solidly?

This very upsetting actual account not only perfectly exhibits the fundamental fallacies of "safety" and the unarmed condition, but it also portrays a picture of selfishness and the irrationality of the panicked condition.

The question becomes: What will you choose to glean from this... or continue to ignore?

via Angel at "Woman Honor Thyself" blog.

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