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Sunday, July 13, 2008

God Bless Tony Snow

Last evening, I sadly watched the first sunset on this world now bereft of Mr. Tony Snow's fleeting, God given presence. I took the above picture and quietly said heartfelt prayers for his family to find the required strength to bear their tremendous loss. As much as we will miss him, he lived his life as an example to all mankind. Rest gently in the arms of angels, Sir!

Kind thanks to Dena for a fitting, deserved tribute to a giant who knew what the word "gentleman" really meant. I particularly like how she has let his very few words uttered here... say it all.


I just found an article that Mr. Snow wrote very shortly after being diagnosed with colon cancer in 2005. Here is an amazing, golden quote from it:

" Fear is a waste of time. The worst that can happen is that we'll die — which happens to everybody, anyway. Until the Grim Reaper comes knocking, we're alive. "

"Alive"... yes, indeed... and his message is that we should live like it! ...every single day.

My mother is in her ninth year of survival of Leio Meio Sarcoma, the rarest and most deadly form of sarcoma type cancers (there are about 500). She is literally a case history survival record by which other oncologists are studying. Mr. Snow's insight, bravery and beautiful, reasoned approach to his fight should provide lessons for all of us, sick or otherwise. He has been a noted inspiration for my family since he was diagnosed.

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