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Monday, July 28, 2008

Conservative Passion

What began as my casual stroll through the world of politics has suddenly turned into a more determined walk. And with that walk came a passion that I hope will be as evident in these first steps as it is intended to be at the height of this journey. Passion thrives in a world filled with inspiration and people who inspire. It is motivated not by a specific destination but by an unrepentant longing to explore.

Step One. Finding where passion is hidden and how it can be harnessed. For me, this is the first of many uncertain steps. I hope that I will always have a sincere passion for many things, because it is the ebb and flow of these things that most guide me. Whether or not the passion can be adequately harnessed, remains to be seen.

Years ago, my embarking on any political journey such as this would have seemed, at best, unlikely. But the ebb brought with it change and with the flow came an acceptance to that change. Core values, belief structures and momentary lapses of judgment combined with transitions, confessions and a story yet to be told. And it is my story, forever incomplete and changing, claiming no specific contribution to the world of literature. It is instead meant to serve only as a preamble to my personal constitution.

Once upon a time, in the Land of Liberal, began a journey. Lured by the promise of endless peace and shining seas - golden ponds and majestic forests, I remained happily ignorant of any world or ideals beyond the Land of Liberal. I reveled in the knowledge that the most caring and compassionate people chose to reside in this elite community. It was my staunch belief that Christian values were best served in this wondrous land of warrant-less compromise. And it was in those early years, that I was most compelled to demand that anyone in need of assistance should be receiving assistance. And so, as the hierarchy writhed and demanded more money for food, shelter, education and health care, it seemed almost self-serving to not make personal sacrifices or sweeping demands of our government. I was strangely beholden to these people who spoke in grand words laced with poetic prowess and rhythmic expressions, but I never looked beyond the rhyme to seek the reason for their rhetoric. My world, at that time, equated to having as much (or as little) insight as a child with difficulty understanding why parents cannot simply write more checks when there are more expenses. But fortunately for me, I have been able to leave most of my youthful naivety in the past, where it serves as a gentle reminder to always have patience for those with opposing views. Self-reflection breeds the best form of empathy.

Yes, I do understand the road on which a liberal travels, because I have also walked that road. The best motivator for change is revelation. I fortunately married someone who has never been afraid to question authority. Conversely, my youth left me with an inherent need to respect my elders (most of whom dwelled with me, happily in the Land of Liberal). With marriage came new exposure to that New Land of Conservative Thought. While accepting my former station as a Liberal, my new husband believed that this was a minor obstacle for me, one which I would easily hurdle through my willing exposure to contrasting opinions. Of course, there were quiet sounds of discourse, occasional sighs of disbelief and that oh-so-frequent hanging of his head. But he allowed me to forge my own path. Admittedly difficult, since I had been thoroughly programmed to mentally deflect any sounds of talk radio or rational thought. Occasionally, I would overhear momentary insightfulness from the car radio during random road trips. It was this slow progression which drew me closer to that ever-looming light of conservatism. Eventually that light cut a deliberate pathway through the darkness, and this flag waving Liberal became a wavering Conservative, on the brink of discovery.

Enter the FOX.
I had heard tall tales of other people who loved God and respected American values. This news directly contrasted the negative spin on which the Liberal base had found its focus. Their constant negativity, warped sense of entitlement, exploitation of pain and stifling of individual thought, created the perfect dependency for those of us who were held mentally captive in the Land of Liberal.

As with any addiction, denial overshadowed reality.
But the first step to recovery is admitting that there is a problem.
"Hi, my name is Liberal, and I have been a Conservative for 3650 days."

Thank you FOX for providing assistance to those of us who unwittingly overdosed on Liberal consumption. Your support has helped me to maintain my conservative sobriety.

And with the FOX came the hunt.
That faint taint of Kool-aid remained for several years following my release from captivity. I choose to call that period of time my 20's - even though it lingered well into my 30's. (A reluctant confession).

However, it was during my third decade that I embraced conservatism, fully. And I quietly reveled at my own enlightenment.

But then I turned 40.
And - with my 40's, came an overwhelming need to recruit.

Through political videos or through the written word - this has been an interesting discovery of an unexpected passion. I will clumsily take these first steps toward a more determined walk. And as I struggle for balance, I hope in all sincerity that the pursuit of this passion will lead me with grace, to my next unexpected discovery.

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