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Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Wistful Notion... Lives?

You know, it is the kind of scenario many Conservatives have played tag with in their minds, perhaps plainly uttered to a close, comfortable friend. We sometimes think about it, or talk about it... probably both. We have to, as solid "Righties"... it is a dream we have always fostered and try to keep alive.

Why can't we have a "normal" leader with the real peoples' values and guiding boundaries? Aren't there any of "us" out "there" who would be in an inclination, a mind's point of view; ...a leaning to be in politics for the honest betterment of those you are hired to represent and serve? Not just because it was the best particular business choice, but because they believed in presenting a political leader that sought to preserve the essential foundations of this country, its' Constitution and core purposes for being formed! Is this just a fantasy from the 40's or 50's... or is it possible that there might be someone possessing the spirit that formed this Republic with a duty bound sense of true "country first"? Somebody that could be admired for reflecting upon the majority of its' people, the value items we really do pray survive in this nation for all time forward... and "we" do pray for that every day.

Does that make you suck air into your lungs in little, short, involuntary gasps and get a bit misty eyed that those days never seem to quite be possible any longer? When is the last time you felt like the leader of the nation had that kind of... oh... integrity? (I well know who I think of... and few of us agreed with everything he did, but damn near none of us had pangs of heart, soul or character worry. We did not doubt his motivations or intentions.)

So is Sarah Palin that individual we Conservatives thought seemingly lost in the mud of today's political leveraging? Maybe... but possibly not (as with anyone new to the stage). Words count, but they should be backed up with a history of congruent actions. She should be examined in a fair light. She comes across as sincere, eloquent and battle hardened... and it seems so much of it is a natural, genuine extension of her experiences in family and in her life. We have the same abilities to look into this candidate and see what she appears to stand for, and stand against. We have the same opportunities to interpret this propositus and develop a personal view of where she stands vs. our own positions, too. And we sure have been deceived plenty of times before. How many will do this fair and equitable searching into this person's background? How many, on both sides of the aisle, will instead assert knee jerk judgments?

Some always want to administer the 'Trust - No Trust Test'. I don't trust much in these political pastures. There is so much posturing and acting prevalent. I believe in the 'Earned Credibility Test(s)'. She should get no less. But I must admit, I very much like what I see thus far. And I recognize similar enthusiasm and, yes, "hope" amongst my Conservative friends that she is the genuine article.

She was born Sarah Louise Heath on February 11th, 1964 in Sand Point, Idaho.

Later in 1964, the infant arrived with her parents in Skagway, Alaska, where they were to teach school. She was raised a Fundamentalist Protestant. She was raised around guns, taught proper handling and learned to hunt and fish. She attended Wasilla High School and headed the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She was point guard and Captain of the High School basketball team, wherein she first wore the nickname of "Sarah Barracuda" for her aggressive play. She always was leader of the before game team prayers.

Yeah, they prayed beforehand. She led. Feel threatened by that? Better stop reading... there's more of those Conservative beliefs coming up ahead.

She attended college at the University of Idaho in Moscow emerging with a B.S. in Journalism and Communications and minoring in Political Science. I must say that her training in Journalism and her Conservative roots would assumably provoke a very disappointed view of what passes for proclaimed "journalism" in today's media. I anticipate she will soon be receiving a commodious salvo representing that 'distortionist artwork' from our Leftist adversaries... while parading as impartial, untarnished pundits. May she and her loving family be granted the strength to resist the ruthless picking of the unrelenting vultures.

She has always been anti-abortion, pro life... and states it clearly... consistently. She too, has lived her words. She has five beautiful children, with her husband Todd Palin (her high school sweetheart) who married 20 years ago on the very day she was selected by McCain to run for Vice President of the United States. Three girls... Piper, Willow and Bristol, and two sons Track and Trig. Track, who is 19, is enlisted in the Army and slated to depart for duty in Iraq on September 11th. Gov. Palin references that flesh and blood gift to this nation's security with not just her words, but with a mix of unmistakable pride and motherly concern on her face, too. Trig was born with prenatally verified Down Syndrome and has been lovingly welcomed into this world by his entire family. For Sarah Palin, there was no other option... only life. Todd and Sarah manage their lives and time with their children the very same way other parents who have careers do it... they involve them and they trade duties as timing and circumstance demand. They do it without flinching and make them the proud center of their family structure, just the same as other good, traditional households. Just like Americans. There is every reason for admiration in the gallant family example they exemplify for all of us. And there sure as hell is no shame! It will be interesting to see how others will attempt to portray this aspect.

A two term Wasilla City Council member, she was mayor of Wasilla from 1992 until 1996, when she ran and defeated incumbent Republican Frank Murkowski for the governor's office. As governor, she has been very much in touch with state's rights issues, cut property taxes by 40%, cut her own salary and promoted dramatically smaller, more efficient government.

Her Alaska approval ratings are incredible... and telling. How about 90% citizen approval in 2007... and a tad over 80% according to a survey done June 28, 2008!

Here's another good sign, IMHO...

"If you took a poll of reporters and legislators I expect her approval rating would be down in the teens or twenties."

Gregg Erickson, Columnist and Reporter, Anchorage Daily News

I tend to think that is an excellent sign, considering those who are rendering their opinions. I would worry a lot more if they liked her! She has quite a history of routing out government scandals, favoritism, back door dealing, championing reform, cutting government expense and size (much like the once hopeful, and appropriately highly touted, Bobby Jindal).

She believes in "the right to keep and bear arms". An NRA member life, she stresses the "bear arms" part and has supported both concealed and open carry laws. She believes in the death penalty for heinous crimes, traditional marriage, not supporting gay marriage or special rights for gay couples. She has made the harder, controversial decisions too. Like promoting a natural gas pipeline over the oil pipeline that was highly pressured to be endorsed. Like placing a $150 per head bounty on the killing of overpopulating wolves via aerial hunting. Like refusing to put polar bears on the endangered species list despite the refuted and unsubstantiated claims that they are on the decline. She doesn't believe in promoting a "nanny state", supports individual responsibility, and is an excellent speaker when conveying her vision. She weighs real facts, popular or unpopular, and makes honest decisions. Then she stands by them. Isn't that just a bit old fashioned... and to me, hugely attractive.

What if... just what if... all the grilling that will surely, intensively, in many cases unfairly follow... finds her to be largely what her record and her words claim her to be? What if this person is the strong Conservative that will tap McCain on the shoulder and unashamedly, unapologetically, clearly remind him of his declarative "promises" at Saddleback Forum?

Trust her? It's tempting to me and others maybe. Ronnie used to say trust and verify. Perhaps, in this case, it may turn out the other way around. But the snooty donkeys that are already braying up a chorus of "inexperience" charges against this stunningly accomplished, values driven individual are the very same ones that last week sang the refrain that B.OBamBam's genuine inexperience didn't matter. Is that "Weather Vane Classification", reminiscent of classic Bubba, or what?

And her pastor hasn't been on the tube screaming "Goddamn America". And I bet she doesn't have even one former terrorist buddy that used to blow up buildings in America.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. She's a girl, too. A pretty one. Perhaps that can be held against her, eh?

But what kind of people would stoop to those depths and tactics, ...hmmmmmm?

***PLEASE READ the following excellent Woman's Perspective from my partner, Dena! Her take is very interesting... and from an alternate point of view.

***UPDATE, SEPT. 6th...

Dena has her new Palin video up on YT... Check it!

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