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Monday, September 07, 2009

Old Song...

puppet show

OK, I concede it!

Plunging over this socialist precipice is the best (in fact the ONLY) nidorous antitoxin for our wayward, liberally apprehended nation. When history's lessons are no longer heeded, living the redux is the last alternative versus utter loss and total failure. Unfortunately, it will transact at a tremendous, outlandish cost.

I once bemoaned the absurdity of it, decried how unnecessary it was and angrily denounced the mass of apathetics that selfishly spurned the responsibility as just too engaging and demanding to stay cognizant. However, when this once glorious nation becomes so decayed that we crown a cardboard, unidimensional, narcissistic snake oil vendor whose transparently self serving power quest is worn openly on his synthetic uniform... we have earned the pain and suffering that our actions have endowed for the next several generations.

Predictably, the Great Deceiver has installed a cancerous plundering of Marxists in reinforcing circles all around him. Old enemies of capitalism, inspiration, competition and innovation are there as well as an alarming plenitude of novice apparatchiks with lesser notorieties. With them come the tools of contrivance directly from the kit of the acclaimed Joker...

Behold the "Czar" rubric! A blatantly meandering route to circumnavigate and subvert the pillars of democratic installation provided directly within the Constitution of these United States. A devious solution to the plexing "problem" confronting the would be totalitarian!

Valediction, Van Jones... racist and avowed pinko!

Accept our patent gratitude, FOX News... the ONLY true news network to document the glaring, well documented distresses in this wart's annals.

Shame on ABC, CBS, NBC and the multitude of faux "news" journals from which we have come to expect... absolutely nothing! This is surely one of your pinnacle ignominies and you so surely deserve The People running from you by the millions. Like Jones, you will incur what is just.

Deplorable, proud Communist Jones, we passionate students of liberty and history bid you the public unveiling you purchased. Of course you decry your expulsion as a "victim" of "smear and distortion". You fool no one with more than a pair of brain cells which create adjacent friction. Mark the event of his demise, fellow autocrats... you will rapidly follow his dispatchment.

The People of these consecrated United States of America... are awakening.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Something to sing about!
"Sunny Day - sweeping the clouds away -
on my way to where the air is sweet...."
Farewell, Czar of Green - purveyor of puffery and ballyhoo - the air does smell a little sweeter since your resignation, Van Jones. We can only hope that the imperious Obama Administration does not attempt to recycle you.

Meanwhile, back at Muppet Central, the fleece is flying...and the puppets are growing restless - but we wanted to leave Czar Jones with the following video - and the knowledge that we will plant a lovely, white flower in his memory.


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