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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Becoming Bin Laden's
Paper Tiger...

It was the basis upon which Osama founded his extraordinary concept of being able to challenge and ultimately defeat the civilized world. He maintained that the bustling wealth and strength of the United States of America was inflated and but a fantasy, a plastic image that would melt with the simple application of his demonic gorilla wildfire.

For years he preached and assembled training camps in parts of Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. He directly pointed to the American Left's thirst for immorality, self indulgence, apathy and dissing of all and anything "violent". He painted broad, euphoric pictures of a successful campaign culminating in a worldwide Caliphate and a planet population comprised of nothing but the Islamic clique. He glorified Jihad and the martyrdom of suicidal attacks on the innocent. These tactics strategically imposed upon the willing, hopelessly following pawns of his dogmatic faction quickly, easily caught fire and spread like a virus throughout the Middle East and then the world.

To the Muslim android masses he villainized all that was Western culture and practice. It was an easy thing to do with the assistance from those in our society quick to provide him with outrageous examples of outward, deviant behavior. One of many high profile examples? Hollywood's selfish, unaccountable, elitist irresponsibles purveyed an endless list of public affronts and misdoings... and they still do. Osama also knew that he could depend upon the lazy, esurient and pampered liberal socialists to stand up and obediently whine and stomp their feet at the mere suggestion that they might have to actually cede any of their creature comforts to retain the liberty and freedom that anonymous grandfathers before them guaranteed with their blood and personal sacrifice. How, Bin Laden stressed, could they lose in a war against the Paper Tiger?

Even if there were, in the beginning, some traces of the resolute spine that once created our sovereign union, he was sure that we would ultimately fall victim to our own freedoms. Freedom of speech guarantees that freedom for idiots, too. Here was but one of many cracks in the rock to be exploited. He was sure that Americans had become so disconnected from the realities of good and evil, friend and foe, securely powerful and powerfully corrupt that their perception was permanently blurred. He anticipated the lust for media domination to supercede the antiquated former journalistic integrity. Americans would surely choose to run and huddle in whimpering fear and trepidation, rather than stand and relentlessly fight as did previous generations of our warriors.

He pointed to historical example; the US never finished in Korea, but "secured" the south and essentially capitulated; as the North Vietnamese prepared to surrender behind closed doors, we ran from Viet Nam and allowed the slaughter that ensued by the NVA and that in Cambodia; we pulled out of Beirut after a cataclysmic suicide bombing killed over 200 of our Marines; we stopped our original march to Baghdad at the Kuwaiti and Saudi borders, allowing madman Saddam to continue his horrific, totalitarian domination and mutilation of his own people. We did absolutely nothing about the bombing of the USS Cole in Aden, Yemen... excepting that we buried our dead.

Contrary to the wishful thinking of those afflicted with the mental derangement innocuously called 'liberalism', doing nothing does do something. It does something very, very bad.

To maniacal enemies such as UBL, who are actively playing chess rather than passive tiddly winks, these signs are sure weakness just seething with opportunity to patiently overpower and subjugate. Now, playing the angles for everything he's worth, he chastises America in his latest video declaration saying we elected the Democrats to get America out of Iraq, yet we remain. How shallow a thinking process must be required to not see through this transparency?

Months ago, another liberal told of his worry that the "surge" in Iraq would not work. I responded that the people of Iraq had been ruled with an 'iron fist' policy for over thirty years and that overwhelming force was the only thing they would respect. Words don't cut the mustard with these people, even when we are there to save their butts! Any forms of weakness, especially words without action to back them up, are translated as cotton threats of fantasy. Now, even Katie Couric has admitted we have made significant progress.

A faux libertarian blogger recently wrote to me in a comment that "violence never gets anything accomplished". Well, is that so? Perhaps the young population of the United States of America might have disagreed with that statement at the signing of the Declaration of independence July 4th, 1776, or at the Treaty of Paris on September 3rd, 1783, or again on September 17th, 1787 when we signed and adopted our Constitution. I got some sobering news for this young know-it-all; lack of violence as a response in the face of imminent violence from an attacker begets death. Put that in your peace pipe of contemplation and have a deep, smoky hit!

Isn't it interesting how some things really stick in your mind? I can vividly recall, just months before that fateful, beautiful morning on September 11th, 2001, a liberal acquaintance loudly mocking me and my insistence that we still had very serious enemies abroad who would attack us here at home someday. She extolled the power of our police and federal government and scoffed at any claimed "need" for the 2nd Amendment and individual ability to protect. I called her the day after the attack on our country, not to jab her with the echo of her own words, but to see how she was holding up, as I knew she would be fragile after the stinging dose of reality we all got that day. She was totally dumbstruck and in bed, unable to watch television any longer or read a newspaper. She simply could not accept what had just a few hours earlier seemed utterly impossible. We have not exchanged a word since. I'm sure it is just her method of coping.

The short story, in my humble opinion, is that the Muslim "religion" is a cult of domination by select, empowered elitists and is otherwise comprised of unquestioning followers who either conform or die. Non-followers get the same choice; conform or die. It is the written, lauded obligation of followers to give any and all other non-followers the exact same choice... and to kill them if they refuse this "invitation". There are those who attempt to say that the cult is the proverbial "religion of peace". They are either ignorant of their own Quran teachings or they are lying.

Liberal policies, publicly decaying spectacles of immorality and refrained inaction to provocation, even some by otherwise staunch Conservatives like the beloved Reagan regarding Lebanon, painted a picture of Jihad convenience. An evil war genius recognized the chance, calculated and patiently planned a long term document of engagement and finally, blatantly attacked us. Now he is using our continued weakness from within to foment and nurture his aggression. UBL is using our own stubborn ignorance to turn the tiger's flesh to parchment.

It is a well known, but unspoken, liberal axiom that facts tend to ruin fuzzy, feel good notions; it is simply much easier to live, ignore and pretend. And in that vein, liberalism is like electricity; it always takes the path of least resistance to ground. In this particular case, typically about six feet beneath ground.

Donning blinders and succumbing to the stresses/losses in war precipitates defeat. Victory lies in the same place it always has... steadfast, unified resolve to win. Absolutely anything less is unacceptable.

Screw Bin Laden, Jihad and their sick Islamic cult.

God Bless America.