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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

G-Man Returns a Favor For All of Us...

*Thanks to G-Man at The Pickle for first posting about this!*

Consider, if you will, one genuine Ass Hat who exposed all the personal information attached to over 2600 Concealed Carry Permit Holders in the Sandusky, Ohio area and then has the unmitigated gall to whine and boo hoo when, predictably, reciprocity arrived at his door. In classic liberal pattern, he went further than just whimpering, too. He even got personal in his threatening replies leveled at firearms owners everywhere:

"You guys aren't impressing anyone with your trailer trash crusade."

"You all don't know what you're getting into. I'll open you up wide and you'll be slung from the ceiling."

"Laugh it up, you don't understand the power of the press. But you will."

"You guys are just the kinda of people that need firearms. I bet your friends and family are so proud."

Perhaps your friends and family are similarly pleased with you? Well, Mr. Matt Westerhold, Managing Editor of the Sandusky Register, the folks are the forum where you made these hateful remarks decided to get even by finding and publishing this...

DOB: Nov 5, 1958

322 Deepwood Lane
Amherst, OH 44001


225 East Ave
Elyria, OH 44035-5634

2003 Blue Chevy

Office: 419-609-5866
Cell: 419-357-5051 or (440)

...did you perhaps not think through that taking on the entire gun owning population in the United States might cause things to get a bit, hmmmmm... uncomfortable?

Who would have thunk that an unprovoked, invasive, uncalled for travel trip into law abiding firearms owners personal information might have elicited such an equivalent response? Perhaps people who have already subscribed to the unconstitutional processes of obstructive hoops and hurdles in being allowed to pursue their inalienable right in the first place?

Surely not you, eh?

Cry to mommy, Communist... enjoy the fire!


Much more information to be read and absorbed at the Buckeye Firearms Association website!


Think this is the first time this has happened? Think again. Westerhold had a precedent named Christian Trejbal of the Roanoke Times.


Have you managed to resist the nausea so far??


Here's what us pee-ons think, to date, about the Roanoke Times decision to publish CC statewide listing of over 137,000 law abiding people in all walks of life... (take the poll here)


Here's the feedback comments to Trejbal's column. They're all pretty consistently exceptional, but if you take the time to follow down the list a ways, he tries weakly to argue his 'points' for only a brief time. His excuses will enrage you with their distractions and merriment. Finally, he seems to realize the coming tsunami and he gives up. The pleas from readers are heartfelt and strong... you'll read until you get weary and run out of time.


Here's a disassembly, point by point, of Westerhold's pathetic attempts to dissuade and defend, by a character that logs in as '2aprotects1a' to the Sandusky Register's Feedback Forum. Priceless!


Here's Westerhold's attempt to build a self protecting fortress, and, at last count, 557 people's angry comments in reply! I hope he's enjoying the heat. I sure am.


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