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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Celebre el Triunfo de Soberanía

Los enemigos en el Congreso bajan en llamas.

¡Levante el cristal enfriado de marguerita salado!

¡La voz de VERDADEROS americanos de los Estados Unidos prevalece hoy!


Readers for whom English is not a second language, please
Press 2...


Stupid REAL Americans! When you Press 2, pick your translator type (Spanish to English, Ignoramous!), and then copy and paste (one sentence at a time! ...and don't complain about the time it takes, either! Don't you realize it is your laziness about learning Spanish that is causing this phone recording to be so damned long and complicated??!) Do you people forever require all this hand-holding? No wonder Jorge Bush has decided to loathe you!

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