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Thursday, June 28, 2007


[Outline for Post]

[Something along the lines of explaining that I now have two simultaneous, serious family crises at the moment. Lead into...] This broad, detailess fact is presented not to garner sympathies, but to give reason for my recent absence from writing at my blog or commenting much at all at others I usually read daily.

Then I have that other life duty thingy, my business. [Excuses continue here, I guess. My interjection will be... biz not discussed, because this blog is not about me... directly...No, not at all.] More my views, beliefs.... Parts that count more than appearance, "image", all that cellophane crap. [Arggg...change that later!]

Hmmmm... yeah, OK... views, beliefs.... that kinda' is me, isn't it? Like it really is the substance of each of us. But the views I try to give time here hopefully relate to us all, as humans and as Americans. Whoops... this seems tangential. I was trying to explain my absence.

Back on track now. OK. But anyway. Explain that that abstract, unnamed biz thing being major overdone makes me stupid tired all the time, especially and exceptionally the last ten months [year?] or so. I'm tired. I work totally alone. No employees [ 'cept the dog girlz... Ha! ...and they never do squat around here, even when I threaten not to feed them!] I work too much. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. You guys wouldn't even believe it! It's only been that way for 34 years now. I have scaled back from 20 years ago when a 20 hour day was pretty routine, though. Now 12 to 14 is about my daily limit... How does my wife tolerate that crap? [I can't include any of that either, must at least do some 'fixing' with presentation!]

I'm getting more cripply and sore every day. Drags me down a bit sometimes, yet I fight it. I beat up my cellar dwelling treadmill regularly. I'm in much better shape than most of my buddies 10 years younger. Most even 20 years younger! Those are the only ones remaining that will still go mountain snomo'ing with me in the ever consecrated winter 'Discovery Period'.

God bless snow.


*bowed heads*

*more silence and closed eye images of skyward angled, high speed skis bashing through delicious eight to twelve foot powdery drifts, shrieking, peaky two stroke engine wails, blue smoke.... mmmmmmmmm....... ahhhhhhhhhmhhh....... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........*

[Hmmm... another detour. I am truly a mess! I wonder if I should leave that in? It made me feel good just to type it. Feel good... Argh! I sound like a lib... I better rewrite that, too, or just yank it before clicking *Publish*!]

So anyway. [Man, I'm out in the willywags, here! Get back on track! Turn the corner and expound upon what you see in our world right now.]

[Explain it's no wonder...] We can't win a war since 1945... It is sad, depressing and it should be unbelievable, but it is fact.

It's what we're eating. Well, it's just like we're eating it. And it's no recent diet change, either.

It's not really edible, but lots of simularities! It's what matters most to us... it's what we care about. It's what we don't care about. We have transferred importance from what was passed on from generations before us. "Stuff" that was assembled, picked out and refined as culture and tradition. "Stuff" that made us cohesive as a united America and first, always, perpetually... STRONG. Sort of even sounds like food, doesn't it?

But not anymore.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Hell no, that worked too well! We 'evolved' to... [to WHAT? different values, or, better stated, lack of them!] [Think of alt word for 'hell' in above sentence... I know there is one... right on the tip of my brain here somewhere... gotta think of it! Remember Angel's post, dumbass?!! Don't screw up! She's watching!]

"We" came up with a better, 'progressive' way. [I should point out how it has changed us and markedly weakened us.] The question is, are we too weak and will we be strong enough as our enemies recognize what time it is? They know our lack of resolve is a gashed artery. They see this is the time to pounce and exacerbate the paraded Achilles heel.

The change in diet was gradual, but persistent. It flourished. It has grown exponentially in most recent times, times we have realized (some of us, at least) what enemy we can no longer turn away from. [should this go above somewhere?]

Perhaps two enemies... the enemy without (without anything but evil motivations of World domination) and within (the liberal left who seek to dominate national power and opinion).

So, we have changed to... to what? How did the erosion of our basic country's foundation change us?

A big message. Stuff like, stuff about...

...Like an initially subtle, quiet, liberal media generated message about what we see, what we like and react to, what we consider entertainment, what we recognize as "newsworthy", what we emulate, what we acknowledge, what we cherish, what we revere and what we cast aside, castigate and denegrate as obsolete and old fashioned. Thirty or more years of societal subliminal training.

I should include how that changes our children. And how it will change their children. And that those children are tomorrow's 'deciders'.

Where did our ability to recognize values go?

[Better throw in some examples of the incredible morality decline I'm trying to illustrate somewhere in here... sure as hell are plenty of those to choose from!! What's in the freshness basket?]

Here's where...

"The WWE canceled its live "Monday Night RAW" card in Corpus Christi, Texas, and USA Network aired a three-hour tribute to Benoit in place of the scheduled wrestling telecast."

Does anybody recognize some basic serious flaws in this act??? This man, for whatever reasons, no... strike that... excuses!... [what possible justification to glorify??]


So the fricken' World Wrestling Association gives him a three hour special television tribute???

A tribute???

People, does this truly go totally unnoticed and receive a nod of the head pass? Apparently so.

How about the case in Boston over the weekend in which another 7 year old child shot his 8 year old cousin "accidentally" while "playing" with a pistol. The mother originally tried to say that the child was killed by three armed intruders into the household. Later, she recanted and admitted what had happened during a time she was obviously absent from overseeing the children.

The gun was not securely removed from reach of the children. The children obviously were never taught not to touch or EVER play with ANY firearm. The children were not being watched by the parent (no mention of the father... one has to wonder if anyone knows who he is...). And the mother, in the wake of the tragedy, immediately tends to what she views as the most important thing at that point... covering her own useless ass! How does she do that?

She lies. Another fine example and lesson to be absorbed.

How about what is deemed essential, important entertainment and stardom news? What is this concept of 'stardom' anyway? Do these people put their pants on any differently than you or I each day? Do they not look like crap in the morning and smell repulsive when they delay bathing, just like you and I? What makes someone so ubiquitously high and mighty (and the rest of us expectedly subservient) because they choose to label themselves an "actor" and pretend for a living? And why does that give them a louder voice of opinion with more creedence in the public forum?

Paris Hilton is the quintessential example of NOTHING. She has done nothing, she can do nothing, she is devoid of any talent besides stating, via the media sycophants,

"Look at me, I have a pretty woman's body surrounding a vacuous skull and I'm COOL because I'm telling you I'm COOL... Worship me."

Cameron Diaz has been quoted numerous times with negative, empty statements about the War on Terror in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Yet she is so bereft of any solid knowledge of historic oppression that she campaigns a Maoist handbag, complete with Chinese language slogan "Serve the People", in Peru where "Shining Path" murderers killed over 70,000.

Whoops. "Sorry" says she, with a sappy smile and a hollow mention that she was ignorant of the facts. That is one of her truest utterances.

Aaaaah... No biggy, right? Afterall, she's a star! She's different. She's allowed.

Overwhelmed with all of this, I was lamenting these items recently to my mother in an 'Official Support' phone call (she is one of the two serious family health problems right now). She mentioned that the sad decay trickles down to all aspects of society, in all communities. She pointed me to this little jewel.

The highlights? Four 17 year old kids (two males, two females), 3:35 AM, pulled over after suspicion of being involved in an earlier drive by shooting. One points a gun at the officer and gets shot four times (surprise, a**hole!).

"Ferro has a previous felony conviction, and was charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on a law enforcement officer and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon"

Where are the parents? What are these kids doing out wandering around unsupervised at 3:35 in the morning? Have these children ever been taught anything about right and wrong??? Oh, and where are the parents???

[I hope this is recognizably funneling to the overall point here...]

OK, perhaps you think this is a disjointed rant? Maybe you're correct.

I don't think so. Here's why.

I want you to try to imagine yourself a serious, dedicated terrorist. You have been raised with religious extremist indoctrination, as far back as you can recall. You are smart, educated in western affairs and culture, dedicated to promotion of a Caliphate and convinced your glorious duty is to die as a pawn establishing it. The West is your sworn enemy. You are very aware of the decay of the West's moral fabric and you are uninfluenced by any media efforts to convey it as "OK". The peaceniks are your friends, despite your absolute disinterest in anything resembling peace. You clearly see it all as a weakness in your opponent and recognize the glaring opportunities to exploit and cultivate more of the same. Each of the aspects listed above are fingers to reach into America's body and strangle the establishment from within it. Conveniently, the liberal media is a very useful, helping hand!

This is a dangerous, high stakes chess game. Chess is a game of thought, contemplation, planning and sequential actions. We don't have enough thinkers at the table. This game is real. This game is one that will be the last if we lose it.

...And we're losing, folks.



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