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Monday, June 11, 2007

As Jorge Pounds the Table
and Swears to Correct Us..

I have reposted the critical parts of the article published in Breitbart below... Think of them as my version of CliffsNotes provided to make consumption by the 'citizenry' more, ummmm, ...'streamlined'. (See Jorge, I am figuring out your style!)

US President George W. Bush was confident Monday that the most sweeping removal of US immigration laws in over two centuries will ultimately clear Congress once he gets home from his European tour and drops by Congress to grab some bothersome Conservative throats.

Speaking in Bulgaria's capital Sofia, Bush acknowledged disappointment that the proclamation -- aimed at bringing 12 million poor, "well-meaning friends" out of the shadows -- was only temporarily regurgitated Thursday in the Democratic-controlled Congress, something he stressed was easily rectified by continuing to feed the public more bullshit until they ultimately enjoyed the taste of it.

"Listen, the immigration debate is a total sham... I know that. I'm under no illusions about how hard it is to get folks to just shut the hell up and do what I say," he told a news conference.

"There are people in my (Republican) party that don't want an amnesty bill. There are people in the Democrat Party that don't seem to want an amnesty bill, either. That is perplexing for sure! (How do you ever stop their whining? They said they wanted amnesty before, right?)"

But he said that he would, upon his return to Washington, "get some touch in" with leading Democrats and Republicans who do not support the proclamation will get firmly paddled on the ass, again.

"I'll be going to the Senate to talk about a way to save face with the voters while getting on with approving this little ole' proclamation," he said. "These people just need to learn my mindset to again be able to sleep at night," he added with a quick wink.

"I'm also going to work with those who are focused on getting a real immigration bill done and start making it clear some steps will be quietly taken if they bring this up again. I believe we can get it across. I'll see you at my bill signing." I felt his hand deftly pat me on the butt.

Harry Reid, the Democratic cheerleader of the Senate, withdrew Jorge's "bill" Thursday after senators, seeking to add even more amendments, voted twice within nine hours not to move it towards a final vote as he had dictated.

Billed as a "grand scam," the proposed law would guarantee a superhighway to legal status for illegal aliens, establishing a merit-based points system for generations more of otherwise illegals, and create a low-wage permanent haven for "business conservatives" who give little time for the "other" long range national ramifications of such a program.

It also fantacizes about a "border security crackdown", promising forgiveness for employers who hire 'southern friendlies' and a full wipe out of a backlog of visa applications from those fools who have gone through all those old-fashioned, pesky legal channels and have been patiently waiting on the process for many years. Obviously, the latter should have been smart enough to catch the drift and just hop the damn fence!

"Why do we need idiots that couldn't smell the coffee here earlier?" quipped a playful President Bush.

Bush, who has made immigration law removal a top priority of his second presidential term, is due to attend a Senate Republican policy lunch on Tuesday following yet another pointless trip to Europe on us.

Well, I think the writing is clearly "on the wall", as they say. The wall.... HA! Did you catch that funny? As if anybody ever really believed there was ever going to be "a wall", anyway!! Silly Conservatives... tricks are for hookers (and Jorge, too!).


Speaking of which, one of my favorite Conservatives has recently interviewed that liberal seer, Brittany Spears about this whole frustrating mess. Man, I had no idea what a luminary she is! And I thought Mary Katharine Ham was smart...


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