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Monday, May 28, 2007

Remember Them,
With Reverence and Honor...

Today I wish the families of those who sacrificed everything in their mortal lives, for all of America, a restful day of pride. I pray for them and utter the most sincere and eternal thanks. I hope their pain will be diminished by intense love and recognition of their soldier's priorities. Their soldier gave the truest act of consideration for their family and the unknown families of those they shared this country with.

Those soldiers did not defend America's people with the intention of dying, but with the acceptance of its' very real possibility. They had dreams and plans and loved ones for whom they intended to construct a good and free life. They also had fears. But those fears did not obstruct them from the dutiful tradition of generations before them to rise to the defense of their fellow man. They chose to earnestly fight evil so as to repel it from the remainder of civilian lives.

What more noble or selfless committment could an individual man or woman make in this life? Can you comprehend it? Can you take a few minutes and imagine voluntarily removing yourself from all that you experience, enjoy, love, work for, nurture, cherish and fortify to risk your very existence for the millions of people in this country that you mostly do not know?

Could you do it in the face of the historically ignorant, shameless and utterly self-centered who would rather do little or nothing, complain, criticize and demoralize your efforts to save them and their right to speak? Could you do it and be spit upon as you came back to the homeland you fought for? Could you endure the hatred from the ungrateful without rage? Could you continue to be driven by truth and return to combat again and again, to risk yourself and confront the uniformless enemy in the shadows? Could you do it with eagerness? Could you do it without regret? Could you do it without self pity?

Christ gave his life on the Cross and forgave the sinners who murdered him. I believe he continues to do this from within the souls of the gargantuan men and women who doggedly protect and continue to safeguard "We", the herd, despite all forms of friction and resistance.

Is it too much of a request for we, the sheltered, to simply give recognition, acknowledgement and sincere gratitude? Is it too lofty a contribution to simply teach our children true history and understanding of who we are, what we stand for and how we became America?

These are only simple efforts to continue the legacy of freedom. A legacy fought and won with blood and tremendous sacrifice. A legacy that continues.

God bless our Freedom, Liberty and Independence and most especially the devotion of the men and women who preserve it.

THANK YOU, America's Warriors and loving families left behind!



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