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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Laughter and Toast...
The Sure Cure for
Depressing Democratic Gibberish!

There are a million current liberal news atrocities to select from... But the whole picture is getting so unbelievably distressing that I am finding it difficult to do much constructive beyond reinforcing the Top Secret Deep Underground Bunker with yet more supplies and additional layers of concrete. I'm fatigued past all description with writing about it. Righties see our coming lefty emboldened demise bearing down upon us and are squealing warnings in unison. Lefties are hell bent upon delivering Jihad and all the positives of sheep-dom. Facts and history have been abandoned to ridicule as only paranoia.

What to do?

The same thing that always has been necessary when facing pure evil... laugh. Laughter preserves sanity and you can't plan and postulate if you let the heat make you go nuts.

Blogi has baked up the preferred recipe for your tasting... go there and drink of his sustenance!



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