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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Last Straw!!

I have defended your inability to speak well. I have defended your efforts, half-assed as they frequently were, to fight the Global War on Terror. I have defended your pleas to restore tradition, family values, a strong work ethic and freedom of religious beliefs. I believed in your basic goodness.

I did it because I believed your heart was strong and serious despite your verbal impediments that could be outrun by most skilled second graders. I have known many whose thinking processes were exceptional, regardless of their poor attempts espousing what was inside. I did it because I felt that even though you made many mistakes in your assault on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, you clearly saw the threat and the immediate need to address it. Mistakes in combat and poor decisions in technique are not new to any battlefield in our history. When they are unintentional and do not usurp the vision of the overall goals, they are tragic but something that must be accepted, heeded and learned from.

But this is not a difficult, deep or even hard to call question. We MUST remain a sovereign nation and that is not somehow a "bad word" despite the liberal campaign against it. You have been somehow "bought", it cannot be excused and I WILL NOT continue to support you any longer!

You have turned on your own, your most loyal, stalwart constituents... We, the real Conservatives.

“If you want to scare the American people, what you say is the bill’s an amnesty bill,” Mr. Bush said this afternoon at a training center for border enforcement agents located in this town in Georgia’s southeastern corner. “That’s empty political rhetoric, trying to frighten our citizens.”

You have callously slung false accusations that what we are now expected to accept for an "immigration policy" is something other than amnesty. It clearly is not! You turn tails on those who clearly and eloquently describe the many reasons why this bill is unacceptable and vaguely accuse us of "empty political rhetoric"???

It rewards people who have broken our border transgression law (law that would be enforced with automatic jail terms and subsequent deportation had we Americans any realistic reason to wish to enter Mexico in a similar fashion) by giving them a streamlined path to American citizenship. It does painfully little to close and secure our country's bleeding borders, something which should have been the priority years ago, yet it still remains woefully inadequate to this very moment.

As Thomas Sowell once again explains with clarity

"Those who do not choose to become citizens -- which may well be the majority of illegal immigrants -- face no more prospect of being punished for the crime of entering the country illegally than they do now. With the focus now shifted to the process of getting citizenship, those illegal immigrants who just want to stay and make some money without being bothered to become part of American society can be forgotten, along with their crime."

There is absolutely no excuse for this continued failing! NONE!

Victor Davis Hanson recently stated,

"...we are also Romans - but the more decadent variety, eaten away from the inside."
You, our President, continue to fail us miserably in this most important aspect of preserving some realistic degree of national security. Yet you actually have the gall to stand before us and accuse us, your steadfast Conservative base, of "political rhetoric" when we call attention to the actual meanings of the "details" of this abomination we are to endorse blindly in your name??? You wish to quell and extinguish the very real, intentional shortfalls in this deplorable piece of legislation by your baseless slander of your own?

“The fundamental question is, will elected officials have the courage necessary to put a comprehensive immigration plan in place that makes it more likely we can enforce our border and, at the same time, uphold the great traditions of —— immigrant traditions of the United States of America.”

Courage? Our courage to agree with your empty proposal? Or your courage to dispute with America what they see as an absolute cave-in? What it would take on our part is admittance to Fantasy World, where you are obviously fluttering around. It would take exasperation and defeatism... something you are surely gambling upon. It takes courage to declare that you are absolutely wrong!

This is much similar to the leftist approach to the doom and gloom of "global warming", is it not? Simply declare that the "truth" has been established and arrived at and that there is no further need for discussion or dissent. It is time to "move beyond" those nagging little petty arguments.

You expect us to believe that it is somehow simpler to induct these lawbreakers, of whom you know little to nothing of who they actually are, into our society. However, to simply collect and deport them, as virtually ALL other countries in this world would and do actually do, is somehow more time consuming and expensive than to give them 'gift citizenship' and all the benefits which would come with that. Expensive benefits which all of America will pay hugely for, and at the expense of a serious depletion of those benefits for the rest of this country.

This is pure and unadulterated BULLSHIT, President George W. Bush! I don't care how full you wish to cram our mouths with it...

I REFUSE to swallow.

Furthermore, anyone who would take such an approach must be circumspect to serious doubt as to their motivation for their actions and words. Just who the hell are you now working for, Sir? The American people or the enemies of same? I see no way that it can be anyone other than the latter.

My trust in your basic goodness is gone! POOF! Evaporated! You are too long out of the refrigerator and you have spoiled. You smell really bad and it is well past time to throw you away. I want my America back and I want a REAL Conservative President. I don't want a fake and I no longer want or will support you. Bring on the fresh meat. I want a man with some gonads who is in our Oval Office for solid reasons and goals, not someone there to pander and turn the ground under the White House to mush.

This is your ultimate and most serious failing of the American people. If this not the peak of some hallucinogenic mushroom ride that Teddy slipped into your last salad during lunch with him and Johnny Boy, if there was even a trace of decency remaining inside, you would do the only proper thing remaining at your disposal and RESIGN with due shame.

Just get the hell out and go live in Mexico. (Don't forget your passport... I hear Mexican jails are not real cushy.)

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-Kevin @ The Amboy Times


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