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Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm Not The Only One...

ET's had enough also. And, as always with this unique and intellectual gentleman, he brought up some great additional points I left out.

I'm inspired. Things need to change. People need to show and voice their feelings about this. How long can we go on with this diet of pure rubbish from the people we elected, who get in office and do entirely the opposite of what they said they would do and what we expected them to do?

Is it really so completely over the top for us to expect locked down borders in the face of Al Qaida evil?

Why aren't legal immigrants standing up and crying out "UNFAIR TO THOSE OF US WHO PLAYED BY THE DAMN RULES!" ??

Why isn't John Q. American getting loud, real loud, about being expected to shut-up and pay for this fricken' outrage???

What if Republicans like me suddenly departed the Party in droves?

We can vote any way we wish regardless of party affiliation... Maybe a mass exodus would get a pre-election point across that Bush and Company have thus far refused to hear or recognize.

I'm due for some soul searching about this junction... Are you?


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