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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Another Towel Thrown in the Bush Ring

Just blindly keep on driving, Boys! Ignore that man behind the curtain! The noise will die down eventually... just screen out those pesky American citizens and their unimportant opinions... they'll come around.

Yet, it seems we have another man overboard! ...And not just anybody, either:


Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2007 22:15:22 -0400

From: David Nix

To: 'Adam Temple'

CC: Mike Gibbons


Please consider this my resignation as Aiken County chair for McCain. I am too far from him on the Amnesty Bill. I was hopeful that he could keep his nose clean this time around, but he can’t read the pulse of the American citizens.

Please pass my regrets on to Henry McMaster.

David Nix
Aiken County

Adam Temple is McCain's South Carolina press secretary. The e-mail was in response to a plea for McCain county chairs to call into talk radio stations and make the pitch for their candidate. Nix, evidently, is very unhappy about the "Amnesty Bill" because the guy he cc'd, Mike Gibbons, happens to be a reporter for the Aiken paper. Henry McMaster, btw, is the state AG and a big McCain supporter.


From SC AG Henry McMaster:

“Most people understand it's never possible to agree with any leader on every single issue. John McCain has 80 county chairs and co-chairs in South Carolina. Plus hundreds of other endorsements from Republican elected officials and party activists all across South Carolina, more than any other presidential candidate.

“Those of us on John McCain's team admire him for his courage, his honesty and his willingness to take a stand. He is clearly the best prepared to lead our nation
in the war against global terror.”

Yeah, right... In other words, AG McMaster is giving the same patented response that Bush is giving to the remainder of his Conservative base... the big upward pointing middle digit! Essentially, the responding message continues to be "We don't need you!"
Boy, he certainly takes cues from Johnny and Jorge well, eh?

However, read the following comment from one within the Aiken county area who knows better and offers this insight:

This is bigger news than Henry McMaster wants to let on. Aiken county is a big GOP county. Strom's home county (Although he was born and buried in Edgefield). South Carolina has a lot of rural counties that still vote blue-dog democrat. Note The Breck Girl in very rural SC with Hugo's filmmaker yesterday. The fact that Henry says that there are 80 county chairs means nothing when one of the big dogs from a big county jumps off the wagon.

Posted By: Scott in S.C. June 07, 2007 at 04:40 PM

These folks may continue to ignore the boil, but ultimately they are going to get scalded. Just watch and see...

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