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Saturday, July 07, 2007

I've Been Tagged...

Hmmmm.... I am somewhat reluctant to publish much about me, so I will be intentionally cryptic. But what follows does apply, just that it has been made a bit indirect. I will play the game because I really appreciate the super lady that included me. Besides, should it not be construed as a high compliment? If there was no interest, assumably there would be no invitation.

The Rules are:

1.) List eight things about yourself.

2.) Stipulate eight others who may be interested in participating.

My list of 'targets' is as follows (apologies provided for any who, unknown to me, have already done such):

Some folks are very worthy of inclusion but I already know quite a bit about you. So no hard feelings if you are not above, OK?

And here are my own little twists on the above listed...

First, if you have participated, I would be pleased to link to your post about you if you will provide it.

Second, if you don't wish to participate, pass the ball to one designated person of your interest and I will link to their story.

Third, if you don't wish to do either of the above or participate, please just let me know and I will pick someone else. Fair deal?

Now here are eight true items pertaining to this grumpy guy in the woods of Maine...


1.) I love advanced math and use it in practically everything I do. My idea of 'recreational homework' is to encounter a useful math sequence I can then turn into an Excel spreadsheet.

2.) I am challenged and energized by complicated engineering. Pythagoras would have been a Founding Father, but for living in the wrong time zone.

3.) I use a vernier caliper for carpentry measurements.

4.) I make things fast. (It is up to you to decide where in this sentence the emphasis should be placed...)

5.) Navigation and exploration should have both been my middle names (I have numerous Sea Captains in my geneology). I am passionate about damn near everything, but especially exploring remote areas. It gives me overview and perspective. If people don't go there, I want to.

6.) I have fundamental, basically sensible limits inside me that are often masked by my overwhelming lust for the extreme.

7.) When I see a mountain, my first thoughts involve searching for a route to the summit, no matter how absurd... and bringing my camera.

8.) I have more REAL friends (who mean the world to me) than any 1000 people could be justifiably blessed with... and they all seem to think I turn everything into a science project. I remain sure they are all wrong.

Everybody sleep tight!


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