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Friday, December 07, 2007

Same as the Old Song

"The better approach is to achieve that kind of defense [HA!] ...through the lawful collection of information that gives us advance warning that an attack may occur."

Yeah, sure... We'll just surveil everyone until we become clairvoyant and can see a threat coming in our crystal ball...

"These random acts of violence can strike anywhere -- at schools, office buildings, post offices -- anywhere law-abiding citizens are present," Simon Property Group, which owns several US malls, said in a statement.

"Law enforcement and security prevention measures, no matter how good, cannot forestall a tragedy such as this from happening...".

A sliver of truth emerges from the gray of smoke and mirrors!

ONE trained law abiding ARMED citizen, in the midst of these scampering, universally unarmed sea of 'victims by choice'... could have prevented eight funerals and eight clusters of family and friends for whom Christmas will now forever be a period of mourning! It is so sad to continue to watch our people in a perpetual state of denial. Meanwhile, we insist on fearing the law abiding rather than the unmerciful vermin who continue to perpetrate death and violence upon all of us.

All together now, Sheeple...

Baaaaaaaaaaah !!!

...and the beat goes on.