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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Withered Spine...

"You lie!"

CORRECT, Rep. Joe Wilson (R., SC)!... So why apologize?

Why grow stones enough to speak out publicly (Pelosi surely did neck damage! HA!), fittingly (after our President showed his usual pattern of imbalanced disdain, disrepect even, for all dissenting opinions of his "healthcare" pretension...) only to shrink into submission and cowardly apologize for your courage to speak the truth?

Did you not expect the outcry you promptly received from shocked DemoKrats? Did you not fully expect most in your own party to throw you instantly under the bus? Why would you anticipate any other response from the spineless, compromising worms wearing your own stripes? These RINO's (Team Captain McCain) are the same fakers who still talk a brand of alleged "Conservatism" that no one genuinely of the persuasion can recognize. The only thing you did wrong, Sir, was to go jello.

Why the classic case of 'Temporary Testicles', Rep. Wilson? All you had to do was stand by your declaration. Did you do this out of emotionalism uncontrolled... or perhaps to undermine us all? It truly makes me suspicious.

Because surely any thinking man would have to realize that to call a spade a spade... and then retreat and lick boots... would only serve as fodder to feed ready-to-pounce members of the Party of Asses and lukewarm water to dilute the growing felt responsibility to respond to the Elephant's true Masters...

We, The Constituents.

Nice touchdown pass... thrown backwards, Congressman Joe.



Hail to the Chief - with an unspoken pledge of dignity and an unfaltering respect for the office of POTUS.

However, does this pledge of our civil obedience and decorum demand the same amount of Presidential protocol when the President repeatedly makes conscious decisions to present false information to the American public? If the breaking point for the average American is a town hall meeting - where is the breaking point for congressional servants more dutifully held captive under the thumb of the left hand of a socialistically leaning administration?

While I do not condone such misplaced outbursts - I do understand what type of frustration would lead to the need to have them expressed. It is difficult to watch someone in power misleading those whom you have sworn to serve. Contrary to the mainstream media's attempt to make this "inappropriate" remark a partisan issue - and despite the Democrats salivating at the chance to shift the focus from Obama's lie to Wilson's breach of protocol - this is simply the same issue that we have been dealing with since the day that Obama was sworn into office 9 months ago.

"We are mad as hell, and we aren't going to take it anymore!"

The threads are quickly fraying. With this rush to judge Congressman Wilson, the Left did not need (nor want) to validate whether or not Obama did in fact lie. This has simply been another opportunity to shine an interrogation spotlight over our heads and punish our entire party - and any person with any oppositional opinions - for this "breach of protocol" that occurred when Congressman Wilson had the audacity to speak.


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