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were once revered. Proudly clinging to my guns. Proudly singing to my God."




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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eleventh Observance of The Engineered Massacre

The war was declared and begun by our sworn, Islamist enemy cult on this day eleven years ago. The purest evil our people have ever witnessed, perpetrated upon the innocent, with unmerciful, intentional, unprecedented barbarism.

The unrepentant savages continue their sustained schemes to assault us to this very day. Their plans for an ultimate Caliphate remain unabated. Their patient, persistent 100 year time frame is still intact. If we choose to forget these facts, they will use our complacency to hasten their sole objectives... our submission, domination and ultimate extermination.

ALWAYS remember. AVAIL yourself of history... accurate history, not the smoothed, chamfered liberal re-writes. TEACH your children, such that our memories and purpose are sustained. RE-LIVE the horror of the day to keep it close in your heart and mind. Our tasks are much simpler and minimal than those who were sacrificed that loathsome day.

To fail individually in these most basic, imperative duties is to fail collectively in the survival of human civilization.

May God in Heaven hold our murdered victims souls and cradle them in His arms for eternity.

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