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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Moment of Silence. . .

On this, the ninth year of solemn remembrance, may we not allow ourselves to be dutifully content with the simple action of bowing our heads in a collective moment of silence. As we exhale from our silent prayers, and lift our eyes skyward to a forever changed horizon, may we seek our own avenues on which to embrace the virtues of vociferous sounds and the effectiveness of making noise. On this day of reverence, may we each pledge to raise our voices LOUDLY, strongly and with dogged determination, on behalf of those who have now been forever silenced.

To act with quiet resolve is not a viable option. Our silence has become a deafening white noise, and our reticent optimism has only allowed those who are most radical to gain a more direct stranglehold on our liberties. Sadly, without any deference to America’s emotional outcries, President Obama staunchly defended the rights of Muslims to build their Mosque/Cultural Center deep within the still healing wounds of Ground Zero. There is little more that can be done other than offering protest to what is insensitive at best - and intentional at worst.

This is not simply a state issue. New York is our nation’s unofficial beacon and has always been a glowing barometer of our strength and our resolve. By design or not, to those terrorists who wish us harm, this Mosque will become another victory pushpin in the map of their conquests.

One mastermind behind this project is Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. He will no doubt be sharing his personal views with all Muslims as they pass through the doors of this Mosque. If you are not yet familiar with this particular Imam, a simple search will help you to better understand why so many Americans are so understandably outraged. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf was quoted recently as saying: “We tend to forget, in the West, that the United States, has more Muslim blood on its hands than Al Quaida.” He added: “After 50 years of, in many cases, oppression of US support of authoritarian regimes that have violated human rights in the most heinous of ways how else do people get attention?”

There is indeed controversy surrounding the building of this Mosque but the controversy is not simply a matter of religious freedom.

It is a matter of common sense and sensibility.

Although many of us will choose to not discuss this subject, in order to avoid any and all inevitable or uncomfortable confrontations, there is no disputing that those individuals who killed our loved ones on September 11th, 2001 - those radical terrorists - and the evil minded barbarians who targeted Americans with hatred, intention and malice, did so - and will continue to do so - in the name of Islam.

Silence is not an option



It is a cold, solemn day of moments for those few of us who will force themselves to remember accurately and reflect on what our “Now” is. The reality of what happened on that seemingly bright early autumn day is overwhelmingly painful to those who consider it a duty to vividly review the atrocity that was imposed upon our nation unprovoked.

There was a brief, fleeting form of true unity in a manner never before seen amongst our living generation. It was the sort of stuff most of our population routinely emulated in challenging crisis after crisis throughout our history. We can still read of it in any unmolested, authentic volumes of our nation’s past, albeit they are mostly found now in our occasional attics, rather than our classrooms.

On September 12, 2001, we did not look doggedly to “progressives” for their toxic revisionist declarations. We did not wear a leash, nor did we relinquish our spirit to FIGHT as our fathers and mothers did for the very soil we now precariously remain upon. We did not sell our hearts and souls devotion to the consecrated wisdom of a land of FREEDOM and LIBERTY. We repelled the brainwashing of a government existing to coddle, nebulously guarantee and adulterate the honored principles that bequeathed to us this once glorious state of opportunity and strength.

On the contrary, we RALLIED rather than withered. We didn’t bow to other nation’s leaders nor apologize for the war responses that aggressive enemies thrust upon us. We functioned on fact and historical examples of time proven engagement.

As we cross the time line of memorial reference and reflect with heavy heart the murderous acts of pure savage butchery, there will be alarming numbers of the irreverent. It is nearly beyond the ability to comprehend for the few real remaining patriots. The twisted, diabolically assessments of varied capitulation to our sworn, blatant, unrepentant enemies, whether in reprehensible surrender speech or deed, is nothing shy of unforgivable. It seems the very least we could do to simply remember THE worst attack on our soil in an un-synthesized “reality”.

I say remember the meaning of this day with clarity, resolve and convey to our dead the dignity they deserve. Hold your head high in honor with your hat over your heart. Speak silence and feel no shame for your trickling tear.

May God in Heaven grant us the ability to still think logically and retrieve this Ship of Fools from the aberrant course of demise they have set us all upon.





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