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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jingle Bill

Because this is the week between Christmas Day and New Years Day, we wanted to try to add a little humor to an otherwise humorless situation. During this season of merriment, while the Democrats have forced an unwanted Healthcare plan on the American public, we eagerly await the 2010 elections and hope that the American public will make certain that our Congress will never be given the Democratic majority again. I want to thank DI for the extremely funny (and incredibly well done) image above that he helped me to create for my personal version of Jingle Bells.
It just doesn't get any more fun than this!

(Everybody sing)

Dashing through a Bill -
With unprecedented speed -
O’er Healthcare we don’t want -

And changes we don’t need.

"Socialistic care" is Pelosi’s “Christmas treat” -
But its just recycled fruitcake that nobody wants to eat!!

Cap and trade -
High tax and Single Pay....
Our healthcare has been hijacked

And free choice has gone away !


Share the wealth -

Ration health -
Give bureaucrats control -
So they can empty out our stockings

And carbon tax our lumps of coal!

A day or two ago - Repubs put up a fight
When Congress called a session in the middle of the night

It was filibuster-proof
They cut our coverage while we slept
Yet those private funded policies

Were perks that Congress kept!

Jingle Bill -
A single Bill
And a trillion goes away
Congress passes bad checks but the nation has to pay

Jingle Bill
A single Bill
The Dems have struck again
Oh, what fun it’ll be to vote them OUT in twenty-ten!

HAPPY 2010 !!

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