"One man, living again in his home state, surrounded by territory once rife with Conservatives,
and now hijacked by imported Liberals. This is the product of a self-imposed duty to continue to speak my Traditionalist Values
despite the Left's proliferation, procreation and perpetual regurgitation."

"One woman, living in a southern state, invaded by liberal policies, where strong Conservatives
were once revered. Proudly clinging to my guns. Proudly singing to my God."




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Problem obvious

Liberty Caged, 11-4-08

Next Opportunity for Redemption of The Republic...

...6:00 AM Eastern, November 1st, 2016

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sequestration Obamanation

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eleventh Observance of The Engineered Massacre

The war was declared and begun by our sworn, Islamist enemy cult on this day eleven years ago. The purest evil our people have ever witnessed, perpetrated upon the innocent, with unmerciful, intentional, unprecedented barbarism.

The unrepentant savages continue their sustained schemes to assault us to this very day. Their plans for an ultimate Caliphate remain unabated. Their patient, persistent 100 year time frame is still intact. If we choose to forget these facts, they will use our complacency to hasten their sole objectives... our submission, domination and ultimate extermination.

ALWAYS remember. AVAIL yourself of history... accurate history, not the smoothed, chamfered liberal re-writes. TEACH your children, such that our memories and purpose are sustained. RE-LIVE the horror of the day to keep it close in your heart and mind. Our tasks are much simpler and minimal than those who were sacrificed that loathsome day.

To fail individually in these most basic, imperative duties is to fail collectively in the survival of human civilization.

May God in Heaven hold our murdered victims souls and cradle them in His arms for eternity.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reflections... September 11th, 2001

I still often sit around on ordinary, uncelebrated evenings under fading twilight and think about that horrific day of enemy attack. There's no exterior lights out there... just you and the silhouettes of treetops and clouds above the black woods. This time of year, we are turning to cool, crisp breezes across changing leaves. The smell of fresh cut wood permeates my yard now. I have a little wooden bench out by my wood furnace that used to be my grandmothers. I repainted it to match our house trim and use it for a quiet hiatus and some thoughtful contemplation when time allows.

With a four year old that will grow up and try to live in our tomorrow, I think hard about what we as Americans should glean from the loss of our brothers and sisters on September 11th. It is a hard thing to present to an intelligent, yearning to learn, yet only-time-in-a-lifetime, truly innocent child.

This year I will endure the tragic redux without the intelligence and gentle, reassuring wisdom of my beautiful mother. Her absence gives me a keener insight to those stripped of their closest loved ones on that day, whether family or dear friend. Strangely, it is still far from anything equivalent, as my mother's eleven year cancer battle did give us morbid preparation and knowledge of the eventuality of circumstance. I gratefully got many chances for extended, passionate "good-bye" conversations... while most of the 11th victim's family and friends got absolutely nothing but cold, searing finality. No warnings, nary an inkling. Many of us have only comparatively feeble examples of what sudden, perdurable loss actually is.

I will watch the replays of video and the stories and the tears... because I should. I owe it to them. We all do. It's TEN YEARS LATER and we have the God given privilege of still living and breathing! The innocent victims were unmercifully extinguished with no choices or alternatives. Any person that can't grasp the basic mandate for respect and reverence is someone I don't want to talk to... and they don't want to talk to me, either. We coherent, respectful and grounded real Americans recall with a vivid, furrowed heart and a marker of bitter permanence.

I will dutifully relive it again, every year, and remember the hours of agony clearly. But I am hellbent on remaining crystal clear on what this meant. It should have been recognized as the most bold, face value declaration of a holy war with a cult of madmen we have ever witnessed in our country's history. It should have made us steely and wise, preparing for what we now know as their bared dedication to evil.

Our conduct, our examples and providing diligent, accurate historical accounts to our youth are more important now than ever before. With everything, including history, rapidly making the transition to digital-only event recording, the paperwork trail is becoming increasingly misty and therefore vulnerable to skewing, adulteration and revisionist rewriting.

We have diverged as Americans into a following herd of self-blinded, memory bereft, invertebrate lemmings and a sprinkling minority of rigid, caring, history laden Patriots. It has precipitated a boiling conflict beneath the crust of our population between those of us willing to accept the logical conclusion of such external aggression and those wishing to repaint it. Contrast, for example, the new directions we have gone in a post 9-11 world... Are these patterns of strength our forefathers might have responded with?

We haven't sealed our ultra-porous southern border, a proven door wide open to terrorist entry.

We have made it politically correct to relativize, rather than frankly confront, the murderous substance of Sharia/Radical Islam, while extolling the virtues of its' “cultural diversity”. (Hey! Let's build a mosque a few yards from where Islamists slaughtered our own!)

In tandem, we have squelched, belittled and labeled as 'intolerant' expressions of Christian faith. Believers are now “offensive” to non-believers... and not being offended has somehow become one of atheist's newest “rights”. (Ask a surviving American combat soldier if he was praying to Allah in the heat of battle.)

We have diminished and ignored the inherent strength in our Constitutional freedoms, instead repeatedly trying to “modernize” their current “evolved meanings”.

We over spend our economy into disaster, thereby further weakening the very pillars of our foundation. Do you think that because they hide in caves that they cannot deduce the vulnerability of such high profile presentation?

We close off our Gulf of Mexico and other domestic oil reserves to serving our own energy requirements while conditioning our people that we can magically replace fossil fuels overnight with such inefficient “alternatives” as wind, wave and solar sources. We convert our corn (what used to be food for our people and our livestock) into “alternative fuel” that produces 20% less heat energy per pound than gasoline. The huge oil rigs that once were in our Gulf of Mexico are now drilling in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. It costs cubic money to move them, and when they do, they do it for five and ten year contracts... They won't be back for a long time.

We increase the size of the government nipple and willingly place more and more of our population on it every day. Remember, extension of unemployment benefits is one of the best job creators there is. (If Nancy said it, it must be true... after all, I saw it on TV.)

We accept the presence of a cult of people who are at the very least publicly silent about condemning acts of terror, who commit family “honor killings” on our own soil and preach hatred of the very America they reside within in the mosques that we politically sterilize and permit. No other country in the world would allow a confirmed following of the enemy within their own gates... but we do. Yet, “profiling” is stubbornly exempt from our “security” measures.

So... perhaps you think that none of this has much to do with the occurrence, the memories, the horror and the victims of September 11th, 2001? Well, I guess I would adamantly disagree. We are creating the conditions for a subsequent attack that will make the atrocity of ten years ago comparatively small.

We have the lessons of how September 11th happened... it was complacency, unpreparedness and liberally spread false, soothing ignorance. We have the real memories, as vivid and bloody as they truly are. We have today and the decisions that will become tomorrow.

The decisions we have made, and those we have allowed to be made, are not indicative of a people who have learned from or recognized the advancing enemy. Yes, we've gone ten years without an attack, and we are a people acting as if it can't happen anymore. Just as Al Qaeda relentlessly came back after their “failed” attempt on the World Trade Center in 1993, they will never give up with committed efforts to create a sequel.

A confrontation and observance of reality would be the most fitting manner to honor those 3000 lost souls effectively. Will America ever regain its' roots of our forefathers consciousness?

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Monday, May 02, 2011

Thank You, Navy Seals...

Scurvy removed...

Thanks to our military, their families and all who sacrificed their blood, time and altruistic efforts. God Bless America!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Debt of Gratitude

Veterans Day is one single date on our calendars, set aside as a reminder to offer our sincerest gratitude to those who have contended - and served - and sacrificed for this nation. It is simply one day to remind us that there is an enduring cost for independence and for liberty. Let us never forget that freedom is our privilege, and not our right. Let us always remember that freedom is a living entity, born as a gift from those who have steadfastly fought to protect us - with its survival entirely reliant upon our duty to uncompromisingly fight to protect it.

I would like to take a moment to thank my father, who proudly served this nation during the Korean Conflict aboard the USS Juneau (CLAA-119). The anti-aircraft cruiser he served upon was nicknamed the “Galloping Ghost of the Korean Coast” for her surprising appearances along the foreign shore, destroying enemy installations. The USS Juneau earned its place in history as the first US Naval vessel to fire a shot in the Korean incident. Even now as I recall my father speaking of his Navy days, I can remember a distinctive mix of pride and sentiment within his eyes, and within his aspect, as he reminisced of men with whom he served, as well as those who sadly had been lost. There were difficult stories that he chose to keep to himself - but there were other stories that he could not help but to repeat. And, as it is now likewise with all Veterans, his wartime stories have become a part of our nation's collective histories. Because of what these Veterans choose to do - and because of what their choices have allowed us to do as a nation - we have been privileged to live these lives of freedom that were gifted to us. If ever we need to fight politics and policies on the home front, in order to maintain our gift - it is truly the least that we can do, in their honor.

November the 11th will arrive each year to remind us to give thanks to those who serve. May we be prompted to do so on this day - and may each tomorrow thereafter be done without prompting.

God Bless Our Troops ~

Without our military, their families and their multifaceted sacrifices, there would be nothing as we now know it. To ignore their integral structure to everything we enjoy as freedom and liberty is well beyond rude indifference... I find it reprehensible.

It is ignorance to not understand the widespread tyranny, chaos, victim-hood and totalitarian nature of the bulk percentage of the world's population. We have so commonly lost the respect for the finite boundaries of our comparative Utopian Bubble. We are mired in convenience, technology and self gratification which has now permitted the rearing of entire generations of children and young 'adults' who are blissfully oblivious to the threatening realities that surround us. This condition insulates and demotivates our growing young minds to be cognizant of the enormous gifts bestowed by our watch keepers.

And the saved, salvaged and rebuilt nations of this great Earth too quickly fade from their memories the staunch defenses and human kindnesses offered to any country struggling to overcome oppression. Our military are the watchdogs of civility. They insure the dream of individual liberties being realized.

They deserve unforgotten gratitude.

But they do not require it. They doggedly keep their eyes on threats and duty dictated goals... that's it. They do what they do without any debt demanded from us, the recipients of their toils, subjection to danger and constant sacrifice.

It seems rather basic to say "Thanks" and teach our children to do the same... I am always struck by the often stunned look on a veteran's face when I just suddenly reach out, without other cause or reason, and firmly shake their hand with a heartfelt "Thank you for your service to Our Country". And I always look them straight in the eyes when I do it.

I want them to see it's not fake, and it's not posturing. I mean it.

God bless them. Every last one.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Will YOU Do
When It's YOUR Free Speech?

Do you get "The Message"?

Do YOU understand yet?

Do you still believe it doesn't "really affect me"?

Do you see how The People are "managed"?
"MOVE BACK! I'm a State Trooper!
Do YOU wanna' be arrested and go to JAIL?"

Is this what it felt like to be a Jew hiding under the basement floor with the Gestapo scouring the upstairs looking for "dissenting scourge"?

Have you seen this on the "NEWS"?
Why haven't we heard about this before NOW?!

Pissed off yet? What are YOU actually DOING??
"...just move along... disperse... you need to move away...
there's nothing to see here... it's all over..."

Is America REALLY   "all over"...??

UPDATE: Sidney Hill, a 52 year old disabled veteran, was charged with Assault 4-Cause Fear Of Injury, Disorderly Conduct-Challenge To Fight, and Criminal Trespass 2-Upon Premises.
Mr. Hill is awaiting trial.

Are the issues of gun ownership and "right to carry" also on trial?
Cleary not evident in the above video, but according to a quote in the Alaskan Frontiersman, "When security personnel discovered Hill had a handgun on him, that’s when the whole thing changed. All the supporters went away when they saw there was a gun," said Dean Phipps, spokesman for the Alaskan State Fair.

Nice try, Mr. Phipps - but a woefully inaccurate portrayal. It is clear that the concerned crowd was forced back only because of a maniacal, badge wielding police officer, (with limited Security Guard status), who threatened them with arrest if they dared to "support" Mr. Hill. And still, the crowd did not disperse.

Response by Dan Peterson, Starplex Regional Manager. "We determined that the amount of force used by our security personnel was warranted."

(406) 256-2480

Friday, September 24, 2010

Failed Fantasy: The Easy Button...

The Lefties are frantically switching buttons! They've abandoned "Easy" and are jabbing for the "Panic" button.

Is it the blabbering sound of the deflating economy? ...the shrunken miniature that represents employment nationally? ...perhaps the bloated deficit? failures? ...withering housing values? ...the hollow dollar? ...the New Gold Rush? ...looming tax increases? ...the engorged government socialist nipple? ...the permeable membrane of our southern border? ...the thousands of illegal alien case dismissals? ...mebbe it's the bowing, apologizing, capitulating "diplomatic" sequence of chronological ass kissing perpetually displayed to our enemies by Good Ole' President Wussy?

Nah... It's just the usual whining from the children we once again mistakenly trusted with our most noble endowment, freedom and liberty, passed forward to this synthesized Generation of the Unappreciative. 'We, The People' of the Constitution's true meaning are about to revoke the privilege... de novo.

Do you wonder how long we might just "ground them" this time? ...before stupidly allowing their irrational acts of power promoting autoerotics again.

Has it hurt enough yet, Folks?

Is it far enough into the future yet before we might get back to where we were 20 months ago?

Jeesh... it must be pretty crushing for them after all those years of carefully delivered Weakness Promotion. It truly began long, long ago. Ah, the glorious, perpetual servings of socialist propaganda! What good Marxist would have ever believed that the "useful" items straight from Rules For Radicals would have proven inadequately toxic? It should have permanently stymied the brains of those damn stubbornly resourceful capitalist Patriots! (Here's offering a sincere prayer that this has vaccinated our population for evermore.)

Do you remember...? What happened to the unending stupor?
"...I won't have to worry about puttin' gas in my car, I won't have to worry about paying my mortgage, ya' know, if I have helped him, he's gonna help me..."

-Peggy Joseph

Where's the fog?

I mean, just consider what their mindset building has culminated into on our television, every minute of every day, all across America.

LiftMaster standby power garage door opener...
...because you must realize that if your power grid is down, you would have to otherwise get out in the rain to open it! And you'd have to lift it by hand!

"Uses natural frequencies to promote good health and well being".
(is it the Irenew magnetic bracelet or Obamacare?) "...only $19.95..."

They coined entire new pacifying enervation titles:

"Immediate Response Vehicle" (No planning or forethought required... just scream out "save me...".

A trendy insurance "Concierge Service"... Bloody everything has been slanted towards the immediate gratification, no hassle, minimal effort 'message'. Shun responsibility. Work of any measurable significance is always somebody else's job... because, after all...
"You deserve it!"

Well, Peggy Joseph, you and those countless millions like you DO deserve this.
"I can just drop off my car and Progressive will take care of everything?!!"

"I had no idea that guy stopped short in front of me... but my car did."

"An invisible wall of protection... we give you a feeling of protection".

"I will not be afraid of the dark".

"What that robber took from us was our peace of mind... with ADT, we got it BACK!"

"We're there, even when you're not."

"What if Mother won't let me drive?"

"And we're walking... walking..."

"How's that for 'on-demand'? ...It's hard to stop a Trane."

It is indeed hard to stop a Socialist train. But we have a lot of hands and voices screaming "HALT"!

The Fall of the Left

The illusory summer of recovery has officially ended.

For some Conservatives, there is a sense of renewed anticipation and vigor as we approach the first, golden days of Autumn. This is the quintessential season of change, in its truest form. And so it begins - this visceral transformation of climate and circumstance. The Harvest Moon has fulfilled its duty to shine over the autumnal sky, as if in defiance of a world now transitioning into an early darkness. Everything changeable, seems possible. Everything possible, seems plausible. The haunting winds of desperation are beginning to blow, as we are increasingly being awakened to the nonsensical sounds of the yellow-bellied, Liberal sapsuckers, aimlessly fluttering in sweeping flocks of misdirection.

The aesthetics of our political landscape have been purposely eroded. Meandering crops of fruitless candidates have been enabled to flourish for too long in fields of liberally lined manure. They proliferate as noxious, left-leaning weeds, which are now threatening to transform our scenic countryside into rolling fields of despondency. It is time to weed out these infectious organisms and pluck from our soil those pernicious Liberals who recklessly cultivated their seeds of despair and indebtedness upon this nation. Remove them from our landscape. It is time for them to reap what they have sown.

The vibrant hues of Autumn create a sense of newness, while they gently remind us that there is still comfort in our old memories.
Yellow school buses filled with the laughter of children. Sunflowers and wildflowers blanketing the roadsides. Fuzzy brown cattails decorating muddy marshes, ponds and creeks. The smoky aroma of burning leaf piles.

Autumn has indeed arrived - wrapped in her colorful splendor.
Perhaps we should rise to greet these days with the same raw enthusiasm that we felt during the days of our youth. Boldly march into this season as the proud performers in a high school band - complete with booming sounds and crashing cymbals, preparing for the names of the most promising players to be announced. Remember the kind of excitement that rallied an entire stadium, when the home team stormed the field - and an entire town of supporters rooted enthusiastically for a successful outcome. Become the most energetic of cheerleaders - shout excitedly through raised voices and megaphones - jump and clap at the sheer possibility of winning. Make the air become alive with energy and an overwhelming sense of community. This is the season of possibilities and new beginnings. This is the dawn of Autumn. It is the epitome of our incomparable spirit and it is truly a season of transformation.

As the air becomes crisp and the landscape becomes ablaze with color, may we reflect upon the simplest and most innocent memories of our country and the magical backdrop that this season has forever carved, within the aspect of our imaginations. This is the same land upon which future generations of children will continue to create new memories of America. May they continue to be afforded the same opportunities for innocence …

Vote wisely in November.